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Magnesium Cocktail – After 7 Days, The Result is Unique

Magnesium is considered one of the most useful trace elements for our body. Almost half of the world’s population suffers from a lack of this substance, so it is very useful to know how to determine magnesium deficiency and how it can be filled. Today, our editorial staff has prepared an article on the symptoms that will help you identify the lack of this important substance as …

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16 Ounces Of Sauerkraut Is Equal To 8 Bottles Of Probiotics

Fermented food is very popular in recent years due to the successful traditional food movement. Finally, we paid attention to the wisdom of our ancestors. Fermented food for centuries has been the basis of human nutrition. For example, sailors in the 18th century ate sauerkraut in order to prevent scurvy, a disease caused by vitamin C deficiency? Sauerkraut is obtained by pickling cabbage in a process called …

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Reset Your Body with a One-Day Detox Diet ( Only With Carrot)

Carrots have many advantages. In addition, this vegetable is very useful and gives a feeling of satiety, it is also low calorie and has the ability to remove excess water from the body and to clear the stomach from toxins. Perfect, right? The classic version of the One-Day Detox Diet includes just the use of this vegetable. Carrots can be eaten raw and boiled, in the form …

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7 Good Reasons To Drink For Seven Days Water With Lemon

Here’s what will happen to your body if you drink lemon water and why you should try it right now Today we will reveal to you 7 things that happen to the body. Moisture First of all, it should be noted that lemon water moisturizes the human body. It is necessary to drink daily about 1.5-2 liters of purified liquid daily. Freshness Practice shows that drinking a …

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Propolis and Milk – 8 Curative Tinctures That Will Chase Away All Diseases From You

Today we will offer you 8 recipes with honey and propolis, which can save you a lot of trouble, and most importantly, do not take any medications and stay healthy. Propolis can range from dark brown to yellow, bitter to taste, adheres to teeth, causes burning and slight numbness in the mouth. The melting point of the substance is about 80-100 degrees, propolis rapidly dissolves in alcohol …

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The First 7-Day Medical Diet, Which Is Applied For Emergency Weight Loss Before Surgery

This can definitely be one of the most effective diets for fast and healthy weight loss. The fact is that it was invented by doctors, which in itself says it is very useful This diet has many alternative names: Soup Diet, Cleveland Clinic Diet…. It compares with cabbage diet, but it is interesting that such a diet is chosen for people with heart problems due to being …

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