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What Happens if a COVID-19 Pandemic is Declared?

In just a few days confirmed in Europe, as well as in South Korea and Iran, virologists warn that the Covid-19 virus is nearing a pandemic. The largest number of people infected and killed by the virus is in China, where the epidemic began and according to the latest figures, there are 77,658 cases and 2,663 deaths. More than 1,200 cases were confirmed in another 30 countries, …

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5 Genius Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar in the Garden

Apple cider vinegar is supposedly something your kitchen is worth, more than you paid for. Anyway, you might not know it has got some amazing advantages for your garden also. Here are few incredible usages for apple cider vinegar in your garden: 1. Apple cider vinegar helps keep the pests away It’s non-toxic and would not harm any insect or animal that comes in your garden to …

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Mouthwash Isn’t Just For the Mouth. Here Are 10 Nifty Other Uses

Mouthwash makes your mouth fresh, this is a clean feeling! It’s an important part of your oral healthcare habit! But, did you know that it can be much more than a quick rinse? Our 10 uncommon uses for mouthwash may seem unbelievable, but this flexible product is more than just a fresh minty feeling. Did you know that the popular brand Listerine was made as a surgical …

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Eco-Friendly Bars in Italy Are Using Pasta Straws to Make Less Plastic Waste

Anybody who has never had an authentic Italian pasta snack ought to try and put it right as soon as possible! Pasta comes in all forms and sizes and one in special pasta bucatini, with its tube-shaped, that makes eco-friendly waves as an option to plastic straws. A photo posted on Reddit by user Gran Fabio, showing pasta being used as straws in drinks in few pubs …

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10 of the Brightest Black Plants to Goth Up Your Garden

If you would like to add drama to your garden, there’s nothing better than this dark trend. People are nowadays using black plants to make natural borders around their flower beds and dust into remarkable differences. Pay attention to this list of the best brightest black plants: 1.BLACK PANSIES Even pansies are reliable bloomers and need little work, they’re the easiest way to accept this trend. Scatter …

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Abandoned Fishing Village in China Completely Reclaimed by Nature

After many decades, nature will eventually regain what is hers when there is no obtrusion or tempering from human beings The fishing village of Gouqi Island in China is a perfect example of this phenomenon. This village was truly reclaimed by mother nature and, fortunately for us, this magical phenomenon has been captured by photographer Tang Yuhong. Shengsi is an archipelago in the Chinese Yangtze River, and …

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