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15 Most Inspirational John Lennon Quotes On Love, Life And Peace

John Lennon was one of the greatest legends the world has ever seen, whose life and work have inspired generations to this day.  The huge success of Lennon and his band around the world has made the Beatles, and mostly him, a hero to remember. He was aware that he has become very influential and inspiring, so …

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Shocking Before And After Photos Reveal The Effect Coronavirus Has Had On The Biggest Tourist Attractions!

The pandemic of the coronavirus cripples the tourism industry: international travel is limited, and in many countries, you can’t even get out without it being absolutely necessary. In 2020, the world is already unrecognizable. Take a look at some of the attractions now: The Great Mosque of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, August 2018.   2. The Great Mosque of Mecca, March 6, …

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The Incubation Period of Coronavirus (COVID-19) And The First Signs of Symptoms

Coronavirus-infected people are showing symptoms after about five days, according to a public health study, according to which a 14-day quarantine period is “reasonable,”. An accurate assessment of the incubation period for the new virus makes it easier for experts to predict the dynamics of the epidemic and find a balance between draconian control measures and the …

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How To Make Non-Toxic Homemade Hand Sanitizer That Kills 99% of Bacteria and Viruses

Amid fears of a coronavirus outbreak, natural antiseptics and disinfectants were the first drugs to disappear from stores and pharmacies. Fortunately, it turns out that making homemade hand sanitizers is not such a complicated job. Unfortunately, most conventional hand sanitizers are filled with 4 common parabens that include ethylparaben, butylparaben, methylparaben, and propylparaben. Parabens are chemicals used …

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