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Abandoned Fishing Village in China Completely Reclaimed by Nature

After many decades, nature will eventually regain what is hers when there is no obtrusion or tempering from human beings The fishing village of Gouqi Island in China is a perfect example of this phenomenon. This village was truly reclaimed by mother nature and, fortunately for us, this magical phenomenon has been captured by photographer Tang Yuhong. Shengsi is an archipelago in the Chinese Yangtze River, and …

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“Continuity of Life”, Twin Babies Come to Life a few minutes After the Earthquake hit Albania

Not everyone gets a chance to escape when the ground shakes. Doctors are part of this category, and so it is today, even after the 6.4 magnitude earthquake strikes Albania Albania is awakened this morning by a strong earthquake measuring 6.4 magnitudes. Strong oscillation is accompanied by other slight oscillations. Albania is going through difficult times, with the death toll at 16. As people took to the …

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Why You Should Start Putting 1 Pill Of Activated Charcoal Into Your Flowers At Home

In almost every home medicine office, along with aspirin and other well-known first aid products, there is an activated carbon blister. Black tablets are suitable not only for the treatment of various food poisonings, but also as a cosmetic product, odor absorber, and even weight loss agent. In this article, you will learn how this inexpensive and simple tool helps with home care. The recommendations will be …

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Braided Rose Hairstyles Are A Beautiful Trend. It Makes You Look More Beautiful And Attractive!

Who doesn’t love having the perfect hairstyle! Especially in the case of ladies, they always worry too much about the hairstyle that they are wearing and would do anything to have perfect hair. So we thought of sharing the latest hair trend that will not only make you look gorgeous but also quite attractive! Scroll down to see some pics of this pink style and you’ll see …

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How to Grow an Avocado Tree In Your Own Home From an Avocado Pit

The term healthy eating today is associated with avocado, a fruit that has become very popular in recent years. Used as a spread or sauce, put into salads and smoothies, eaten with tuna, spaghetti… Tasty, but also healing Avocado (Persea Americana) is a perennial tropical or subtropical tree, known for its fruits that are eaten in various ways. This fruit is not only delicious but is regarded …

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