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5 Kidney Infection Signs and Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Kidney stones affect about 10% of the world’s population. Kidney stones are most common in men between the ages of 30 and 40. The worry that kidney stones bring is a painful situation that can last for weeks. Stones are formed when high levels of calcium, sodium, uric acid, or other crystalline substances are created to levels …

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Have a Good Night’s Sleep With Bananas and Cinnamon

We work hard all day and when we get home, our body needs a restful night’s sleep to recover and rejuvenate. Not getting the proper amount of sleep suppresses our immune system, which can lead to illness, hypertension, depression and many other health problems. There may be times when you want to sleep, but you can’t find …

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Swelling of the Abdomen Can Be a Sign of Ovarian Cancer!

Many women are at increased risk of death from ovarian cancer because they found it at a late stage. And that’s because only 20% of them know, that bloating is one of the main symptoms of this insidious disease. Unfortunately, most women do not consider swelling as something serious, even if this symptom lasts for weeks and …

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You Have Stomach Problems – Here’s What You Should Eat!

You can love or hate broccoli – but the universal truth is that broccoli is very healthy. This green vegetable has been the subject of many studies. They have confirmed the antioxidant content or the values against the harmful cells. Recently, another study has confirmed that broccoli does good for stomach health. Experts found that people who …

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