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In A Stroke Every Minute We Lose Two Million Brain Cells! Here Are 6 Symptoms Of Cerebral Hemorrhage That We Often Do Not Notice:

Every minute, during the stroke, the human brain loses nearly two million cells, and every one hour without medical aid, our brain grows for three and a half years. Recovery after a stroke lasts very long and often patients never recover completely. The sooner assist, the better, so it is so important to know all the warning signs of brain hemorrhage to get into the hands of …

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Chest Pain? Without Panic – Here Are The 11 Most Common Causes And When Pain Is Really A Sign Of Anxiety:

Dr. Natalie Bullock, an obstetrician at the Mercy Medical Group in Elk Grove, California, notes that chest pain is very common and is rarely a symptom of breast cancer. However, if you notice redness, swelling, and fever, it is a sign of infection (especially in nursing women) and you should consult a doctor as soon as possible. If you do not have these symptoms, here are some …

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5 Body Odors In Which You Must Go To Your Doctor – Alerts Are:

Body smells are something that usually disturbs others more than us. But the unpleasant smell of sweat or bad breath may be the first sign of a serious health problem that deserves attention. According to the latest research conducted in Sweden, some diseases can cause a unique, well-defined odor. Below we will talk about the 5 basic body odors that can signal serious health problems. 1. Stools …

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12 Foods That If You Exclude From Your Menu, You Will Always Have A Tight And Flat Stomach

Even with healthy and dietetic meals, we occasionally feel that the stomach continues to grow at a cosmic speed. First of all, it is connected with flatulence, and secondly – with fast fat deposition in the area of the waist. This can lead to products from which the belly grows. There are no exercises that will help you if you do not exclude these products from your …

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Signs That Point To Myoma And You Should Go To A Doctor Immediately!

Often uterine myomas are formed in women of reproductive age, with the following signs: irregular menstrual cycle; reducing the time between two menstruations; excessive bleeding or vice versa: vaginal bleeding; sudden sharp pain in the lower abdomen; enlargement of the abdomen depending on the size of the tumor; sometimes difficult or painful urination and defecation; weakness; pale skin; dizziness; noise in the ears; darkening the eyes; inability …

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A Phenomenal Trick With Ice Cubes That Will Change Your Life!

If you put an ice cube in a certain part of the body, there may be countless positive effects on your health and energy! For this trick simply put a cube of ice in a certain place on the neck. This point is called “Feng Fu” and according to traditional Chinese medicine has a special effect on our body. It is closely related to the strengthening of …

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