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Restless sleep may be an early sign of Parkinson’s disease

Researchers from Aarhus University have discovered that patients with RBD sleep behavior disorder lack dopamine and have a form of inflammation of the brain. This means that they are at risk of developing Parkinson’s disease or dementia when they grow older. Do you sleep restlessly and hit out and kick in your sleep? This could be a …

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10 Easy and Cheap Pallet Furniture Ideas for Beginners

From wooden pallets, you can make everything from furniture to shelves for planting. If you have a few extra palettes, think about what you need at home and start doing it. Wooden pallets are a great thing from which it is easy to make cheap, interesting, and useful items. Since it is planting season, many of them …

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Not Just A Cough…US Officials Say The New Coronavirus Can Probably Be Spread By Talking

The new coronavirus appears to be transmissible when people speak and breathe, a senior U.S. government scientist said on Friday as the White House prepares to recommend people wear masks. The airborne transmission would provide the long-sought explanation for the apparently high contagion of the virus responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic, since it seems that infected symptom-free …

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