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10 Easy and Cheap Pallet Furniture Ideas for Beginners

From wooden pallets, you can make everything from furniture to shelves for planting. If you have a few extra palettes, think about what you need at home and start doing it. Wooden pallets are a great thing from which it is easy to make cheap, interesting, and useful items. Since it is planting season, many of them …

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Earthquake Hit Zagreb Amid Partial Coronavirus Lockdown

Today’s earthquake in Zagreb woke up residents of the Croatian capital in the worst possible way. The buildings were shaking violently and the tremor lasted for a long time and caused tremendous fear among the citizens. Part of the buildings, especially in the city center, suffered considerable damage, and to make matters worse, there were also injuries …

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An Epidemic Every 100 years: Plague of 1720, Cholera of 1820, Spanish Flu of 1920, Coronavirus of 2020 – Is it Just a Coincidence!

There is a theory that every 100 years a pandemic erupts on the planet. It might be a coincidence, but the chronological accuracy is troubling. In 1720 there was a plague, in 1820 – cholera, and in 1920 – Spanish flu… Many researchers say that the current coronavirus epidemic resembles the events of previous centuries. The logical …

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