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Vitamin D Effectively Strengthens Your Immunity And Protects You Against Respiratory Illnesses

A strong immune system is extremely important especially during a coronavirus pandemic, so boosting immunity is one of the most important steps in prevention. Different factors, such as diet, exercise, age, stress, and dietary supplementation, play an important role in boosting immunity. One of the great immunomodulators that naturally boosts immunity and protects the body from infection …

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Coronavirus: WHO says COVID-19 is 10 Times More Deadly Than H1N1

The new coronavirus is ten times more deadly than the virus responsible for influenza A (H1N1) which appeared in late March 2009 in Mexico, the world health authorities announced on Monday, calling for a “slow” deconfinement. “Data collected in several countries gives us a clearer picture of this virus, of its behavior, and how to stop it. …

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