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Meet Sumac, the Superfood Spice That’ll Help You Fight Inflammation and Has Antiviral Effects

The ancient herb sumac—made from ruby-colored berries that are ground into a beautiful, coarse powder that bursts with color and aroma—- has been eternally underrated in American cooking (if you thought of poison ivy right away, you’re wrong!) for centuries. it’s time to correct that mistake. “Recognized as a great substitute for lemon or vinegar, and is …

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Here’s How To Make Healthy Natural Ginger Ale 

Ginger ale is an incredibly useful and natural beverage that will allow you to take advantage of incalculable mending powers of this root while utilizing its bubbly taste and elevated amounts of natural probiotics and enzymes that support the function of our digestive system. It is simply carbonated water enhanced by the natural or counterfeit ginger flavors. …

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