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7 Useful Uses Of Hydrogen Peroxide At Home!

Hydrogen peroxide has incredible applications that you might not even have anticipated. It can be used not only in medicine, cosmetics, and cleaning. Of course, it is no secret that hydrogen peroxide is essential to clean the wounds, but it is only one of its many miraculous applications. Here is a list of little known, but extremely effective ways to use hydrogen peroxide at home: Successfully destroys …

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Here’s Why Water Is Retained In Your Body And How To Get Rid Of It As Quickly As Possible

Causes of water retention (extracellular fluid): 1 – Venous congestion 2- Reducing protein in the body 3 – Overloaded lymphatic drainage capacity 4 – Saturation of the body with sodium chloride salt 5 – Lack of B 6 vitamins – Natural diuretics intake – Herbs: 1 – Orthosiphon 2 – Dandelion 3 – Mouse-ear-hawkweed¬† 4 – Birch tree leaves The water in the human body exists in …

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Simple and Easy Magic Recipe For Varicose Veins!

Varicose veins are a common aesthetic problem that can affect both men and women. And especially women. This is a common pain and can happen to anyone. Varicose veins can be due to many different reasons. This health problem is usually seen very well on our feet, but the pain and discomfort they create cannot be shown and described. Varicose veins are the result of being overweight, …

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Pomegranate Juice Daily For Cleaning The Arteries From Fat Deposits!

Experts say nutrition and sports are crucial for a healthy heart and blood vessels. Excessive intake of low or very high-fat foods raises blood cholesterol and significantly increases the risk of serious illness. They should be avoided and consumed more of those foods that help in the natural cleansing of the body from the negative effects of eating junk food. Studies have confirmed that pomegranate extract can …

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Do You Like Garlic? Here Are 6 Health Benefits And Some Ideas On How You Can Use It!

A commonly used ingredient in every kitchen, garlic, is one of the most famous natural medicinal foods. In addition to the treatment of colds and flu due to antibacterial action, garlic is an easily applicable ingredient in many other situations. 1. Acne One of the benefits of garlic is certainly its beneficial effect on beauty, namely garlic juice treats acne and pimples. It is enough to crush …

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If You Love Chocolate, You’ll Like It Even More Because It Soothes The Cough

A new British study conducted on 300 hospitalized patients with chronic cough, found that theobromine, an ingredient of cocoa, effectively reduces the unpleasant symptoms of coughing. The researchers administered theobromine twice daily to the patients for two weeks and their symptoms were reduced by 60 percent. However, experts say that chocolate is not the ultimate cure because the symptoms return as soon as treatment stops. Previous studies …

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