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How To Make A Cold Compress Against Colds, Headaches, Fever And Sore Throat

The method of treatment with salt solution is not a sensation, it is simply forgotten from the past when it was applied against many diseases of the internal organs. We will show you how to get rid of fever, cold, sore throat and headaches with just a little salt and water. Remember that this method acts locally, ie compress is imposed only on the affected area. Salt …

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Researchers Explain What Happens In Your Body When You Eat Oats Every Day

Is oatmeal part of your diet? If not, it should be. And today we will tell you good reasons for this, mainly in terms of your quality of life. In the past, oats were considered pests, born in barley plantations, used for consumption in animals, and nowadays, who would say, it is highly recommended for a healthier life. Oats are rich in proteins, unsaturated fats, and vitamin …

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6 Good Reasons Why You Should Eat 1 Spoonful Of Honey Before Going To Bed

Honey is sweet liquid gold, a natural elixir of health. Have you tried to eat it before you fall asleep? Chinese and Indian healers strongly advise eating one tablespoon of honey before bedtime. Today we have found the credible facts that the healers of antiquity are absolutely right! It turns out that in combination with different products and supplements, honey has a different effect on the body. …

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Just 2 Tablespoons Of This, Five Minutes And Goodbye To Tartar, Bacteria And Bad Breath!

We have often heard in the childhood the phrase: it is necessary to brush your teeth, then – with dental floss, then – again with a toothbrush and finally – rinse your mouth thoroughly with mouthwash! But nobody told us that coffee, for example, stains the teeth and how, thanks to that, it spreads bad bacteria! But we have good news: there is a tool that can …

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These Diseases Are Treated Only With Warm Water According To Japanese Medicine

A number of diseases respond well and are even treated with a simple method known to the Japanese for centuries. Drinking hot water in the morning on fasting is recommended for different conditions. It improves all the functions of the body and helps them to cope with the problems. The latest scientific research confirms the usefulness of this practice. According to Japanese medicine, drinking hot water in …

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Inhalations with Garlic and Soda Against Bronchitis – Get rid of the disease in just 10 days

In chronic bronchitis and other respiratory diseases, there is an efficient and inexpensive way to remove the disease. Recipe for inhalations with garlic and soda: You need 6 chopped garlic cloves. Pour 1 cup of water into a small bowl and boil, add the garlic and reduce the heat to a minimum. It takes no more than five minutes. Then put the pan on the table, add …

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