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If You Love Chocolate, You’ll Like It Even More Because It Soothes The Cough

A new British study conducted on 300 hospitalized patients with chronic cough, found that theobromine, an ingredient of cocoa, effectively reduces the unpleasant symptoms of coughing. The researchers administered theobromine twice daily to the patients for two weeks and their symptoms were reduced by 60 percent. However, experts say that chocolate is not the ultimate cure because the symptoms return as soon as treatment stops. Previous studies …

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13 Strange Spots On The Skin That Are Alert – According to Dermatologists

The skin condition is related to overall health. This means that with many internal skin diseases may appear peculiar formations in a variety of spots The appearance of blemishes of any color and size on the body can be caused by health-safe phenomena, as well as by serious disorders that require urgent help. Skin problems can signal the presence of pathology if the entity begins to itch, …

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1,400-Year Old Ginkgo Tree Sheds Its Leaves Creating An Ocean Of Gold

Nature is a spectacular thing and it never ceases to amaze. Often the most beautiful and the rarest elements are the most beautiful, which is certainly true of this millennial ginkgo tree. Its natural beauty surpasses itself only once a year when it sheds its leaves. Considered one of the rarest trees in the world, because it is restricted to just one country, this tree is a …

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How to Make Lemon Juice and Ginger to Clean Your Liver

Healthy and clean liver provides health, vitality, good looks and a good mood, so it is necessary to keep such! The best medicine for a healthy liver is to drink a tablespoon of olive oil mixed with a tablespoon of lemon juice every morning on an empty stomach. Afterward, you can enjoy breakfast. Folk medicine offers many recipes for a healthy liver and a healthy body. That …

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Turmeric And Black Pepper – Cure Pain, Inflammation, And More!

Scientists at the University of Michigan have found that a mixture of black pepper and turmeric can play an important role in the prevention and even treatment of breast cancer. Although turmeric itself has healing properties when taken orally, it is poorly absorbed because it is metabolized very quickly by the liver and intestinal walls. Black pepper increases the bioavailability of curcumin, which helps in the fight …

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