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How to Properly Take Soda Internally for Treatment and Prevention

1. Soda creates an alkaline environment in which cancer cells, viruses, protozoa, bacteria … cannot live and multiply.
2. Soda boosts immunity
Note! Improper soda intake can harm the body! Consult a specialist!

I will give a far from an exhaustive list of diseases and symptoms when soda helps:

• For the prevention and treatment of cancer;
• To relieve cough in colds and broncho-pulmonary diseases;
• In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
• To alkalize the body and dissolve stones in the gallbladder, bladder, kidneys;
• To dissolve deposits in the joints, in the spine;
• To dilute and alkalize the blood.

For external use:

• To relieve itching from insect bites;
• For inhalation for colds and tonsillitis;
• In inflammation of the eyes (conjunctivitis) – you can wash your eyes with a weak solution of soda;
• For cleaning and whitening teeth;
• For the treatment of fungal diseases of the hands and feet (baths of a weak solution of soda);
• To soften the keratinized skin of the elbows and feet (warm soda baths);
• For taking soda baths.

First, the rules for taking soda.

1. Drink soda on an empty stomach in the morning
2. During the day, drink soda between meals – at least 30 minutes before meals, 1 hour after. There should be no food in the stomach, that is, there should be no digestive process.
3. Start small, literally on the tip of a knife, if you’ve never taken soda! Add a little each time.
4. Take soda in courses or once a week, monthly.

How to take soda?
I will analyze some ways to take soda in more detail.

* Prophylactic intake.

1 method.
In the morning on an empty stomach dissolve 1/3 teaspoon of soda (or even less) in a small amount of hot water, add cold water to 1 cup (so that the temperature becomes about 40 degrees) and drink. If for the stomach, then drink slowly, for other organs you can drink quickly.
We drink up to 3 times a day. Course: 1-2 weeks, maximum one month.

Another option: you can take for life 1 day a week.
Listen to your body! If you do not want soda, it causes vomiting, nausea, and rejection – reduce the dose or give up soda altogether.
For example, my body just wants soda! I love its taste, I just WANT it!

2 method.
Drink in the morning on an empty stomach with 700-900 ml of soda solution. Pour boiling water 1 teaspoon of baking soda so that it hisses, then dilute to the required temperature.
Drink the whole portion in the morning. This soda intake helps cleanse the liver, eliminate parasites and boost immunity. Drink daily for a week, then once a month.

3 method.
Drink this solution on an empty stomach 2 times a week: dissolve a teaspoon of soda in hot water, add up to 500 ml and drink on an empty stomach.

* Therapeutic intake.

Doses are chosen individually!
Depending on the severity of the disease, the amount of soda can reach 6 tablespoons per day

To test whether you should drink soda, you can conduct an experiment.

Buy pH strips (litmus paper). These bands turn into different colors depending on the pH level.

It is most convenient to analyze the pH level of urine and saliva. To do this, simply moisten the strip with urine or saliva and compare the color with the standard.

In the morning, the pH of the urine should be acidic and in the range of 6.0-6.4. During the day, the reaction of urine can vary up to 7.0.

Check the reaction of urine in the morning on an empty stomach, then in the afternoon or evening 2 hours before meals and 2 hours after.

If your indicators are very different – in the morning the urine should be acidic and yours is alkaline, then you have acidification of the body and soda will improve your condition.

It is also better to check the reaction of saliva in the morning as soon as you wake up. Saliva should have a pH of 6.5 to 7.5. If the reaction is alkaline in the morning, then the body also becomes acidic.

If you have blood test data that you have acidified blood, then soda will also help.

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