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Do You Like Nuts? Here’s What Happens in the Body if There Are More Nuts Than Normal!

We know that nuts are very good for health and especially for heart health, reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, but how many nuts can we consume without harming our health?

Most of us love nuts because they are very tasty and help to quickly satisfy the feeling of hunger, but here’s what will happen to your body if you do not adhere to the recommended daily intake of nuts.

The daily dose is approximately 24 almonds or 14 walnuts or 8 Brazilian nuts.

The problem with eating a lot of nuts is that it can negatively affect our health:

Rapid weight gain

Numerous studies confirm that nuts help to lose weight.
Nuts help to lose weight, but only if consumed within the recommended daily dose. If you eat more than recommended, they have the opposite effect. Nuts are quite high in calories.

Digestive problems

If you feel bloated after eating nuts, then you are not alone.

Abdominal bloating is caused by ingredients called phytates, and tannins that inhibit digestion in the stomach.
To avoid this, it is important to consume the recommended amount of nuts.

Hair loss, brittle nails, bad breath, muscle, and joint pain

All these things are symptoms of selenium poisoning, a rare but serious disease that can occur as a result of consuming large amounts of nuts.
Nuts contain 10 times the recommended dose of selenium, which is 55 micrograms.
Nuts are so high in selenium that some nutritionists recommend only 4 nuts a day.

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