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Putting a SOAP BAR Under Your BED SHEETS? This is why you should try it out!

Millions of people have been reborn thanks to a very simple method. Once you realize what’s going to happen, you’ll put soap under your sheet!.

The soap under the bed sheet helps with restless legs syndrome.

The condition is characterized by pain in the extremities that occur in the middle of the night. The state is extremely uncomfortable, and the cramps come on without warning.

Syndrome sometimes affects not only the legs. It can overtake arms, torso, and other body parts. The cause of the problem is a nervous system disorder.

To cope with the symptoms of the condition that occurs at night is difficult. The only cure that many claims to be effective is soap. Put it under your sheet and you will immediately appreciate the benefit. Change the soap every month, because it is likely to dry after 30 days.

Thanks to the soap, the cramps that bother us at night calm down.

Why does it work?

Doctors say that the magnesium in the soap stops the problem. This is because the lack of magnesium is the main cause of restless legs syndrome and leg cramps. That is why it is best to use lavender soap.

The soap you choose is placed under your sheet or leave freely in bed. It helps to relax the muscles, thanks to its natural smell. Even if you do not have lavender soap, it is enough simply to buy soap that contains magnesium sulfate. Do it, you will surely forget about the cramps and the night wakes.

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