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10 Personal Hygiene Mistakes You Never Even Knew You Were Making

Intimate hygiene is a very sensitive topic. It is not usual to start a conversation about this in the company, to discuss the issue in public. Often even in our family, we are embarrassed to talk about it. As a result, people grow up who often make mistakes in caring for their bodies. But this is easy to avoid!

Neglect of intimate hygiene threatens health problems. The reason for this, however, is incompetence rather than laziness and indifference to cleanliness. Let’s see what mistakes in body care almost every second woman makes.

Using toilet paper incorrectly
Doctors emphasize that washing and wiping should be done only from front to back. Otherwise, you can bring bacteria from the anus and disrupt the microflora of the intimate area. The most common bacterial disease is cystitis.

Uses aggressive hygiene products
Antibacterial soaps and perfumed shower gels are composed of aggressive surfactants. They damage the sensitive skin of the personal area, disrupt its microbiome and cause irritation. Gynecologists advise you to wash with plain warm water, sometimes using special means of intimate hygiene.

You are using inappropriate products
It is also not recommended to use shower gels with oils and perfumed particles on the intimate parts of the body. Their components damage the mucosa. You can use scrubs to combat ingrown hairs. However, choose products with fine abrasive particles. They will not harm the delicate skin.

Ignore ingrown hairs
Ingrown hairs appear mainly after epilation or waxing. They can not be ignored, as they can provoke inflammation of the skin and the appearance of abscesses. Stop hair removal procedures for a while to get rid of the problem. Light scrubs and creams are also helpful.

Using the towel incorrectly
Ideally, you should have a towel for the intimate part of the body. In our reality, however, we wipe ourselves with a towel and that is enough if it is relatively new and clean. Do not dry the bikini area. Just soak it several times with a towel to avoid irritation.

You use flavored products
Experts warn that interrupting the natural smell of a woman’s intimate place is not only pointless but also dangerous. Scented toilet paper, perfumed wipes, and special deodorants are nothing more than a money pump. In addition, these things can provoke an allergic reaction.

You do an internal wash
You cannot do rinses without a doctor’s recommendation. Especially if there are no really important reasons for this. Ultimately, this leads to washing away the beneficial bacteria and secretions inside.

You rarely change your hygiene products
During those days, it is recommended to change tampons and bandages every 4-8 hours. It depends on the day of menstruation as well as the intensity of the discharge. However, gynecologists do not recommend wearing this hygiene product for more than 4 hours as it also develops bacteria.

Use of daily dressings
Doctors do not recommend the daily use of bandages (especially perfumed). The fact is that they block air circulation, thus creating a greenhouse effect. If you are worried about heavy discards, it is worthwhile to understand the reason. The gynecologist will help get rid of them once and for all.

Wear poor quality underwear
The most common mistake in personal hygiene is the wrong underwear. Panties made of artificial materials block air circulation and do not absorb moisture. Due to the greenhouse effect in the intimate area, harmful bacteria multiply.

For training, it is also better to take clean underwear. In fact, during physical activity, we sweat more intensely. For sports, it is better to take pants with a classic cut. But you can also wear thongs and bras for a walk.

To be honest, I have personally made many mistakes in unintentionally caring for my body. Finally, the image of intimate hygiene was formed in childhood, when there was no access to so much useful information. Was our article useful to you? Share your opinion in the comments!


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