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How To Transfer VHS Tapes To The Computer At Home

Remember when VHS was the ‘it technology? And you probably already have some VHS tapes in your home. Well, a few things have changed since those days and as you probably realize, the VCR is outdated.

But how to watch those VHS tapes if you don’t have a VHS player

If you find yourself in this trouble, it’s time to transfer those precious home movies to your computer so you can relive the past whenever you want. You will still need to find a VCR, so if you don’t have one start asking around. It is important to note that this guide is intended for transferring home movies to a computer, and not for copyrighted content, such as shows or movies.

Here’s how to get started.

What you need:

  • VHS player with audio and video output on the back
  • Computer
  • Space on your computer, 1 hour 750 MB of space
  • Or a hard disk to transfer the tape
  • The video you want to record from
  • An adapter that connects you from the VCR to your computer

Transferring VHS to your computer:

1. Get connected
Connect the adapter to the VHS device and the computer.

2. Download software
The Elgato adapter comes with software to help you download the movie, so insert the CD into your computer and download that.

3. Set up the files
After installation, the software will guide you through the process from naming the file to verify that you are connected by checking visuals and sound.

4. Record
Press the big red button on the screen to start the recording process, then press playback on your VCR.

5. Wait for the movie to play through
The movie is recorded on your computer in real-time. So, no matter long your VHS tape is, that’s how long you will have to wait for it to finish recording on your computer.

6. Finish recording
When the VHS tape is finished playing, press the button to stop recording on the computer.

7. Save
You are now saving the file to your computer or external hard drive. From here you also have the option to upload it, for example, to Youtube or iTunes.

Much easier than you thought, right? And, don’t forget to share this article with your friends


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