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Drinks You Should Always Avoid On A Hot Day

Doctors listed several drinks that in the heat do not quench thirst, but harm the body.

The list of the most dangerous includes tea, coffee, energy, and other caffeinated beverages. They dehydrate cells and the body loses important substances, vitamins, and minerals.

“If you can’t give up a cup of your favorite coffee, drink each drink with two cups of drinking water. ”

Lemonade and soft drinks raise blood sugar levels, which can lead to side effects for people with vascular disease, including loss of consciousness.

Beer is also considered a drink with a high glycemic index and also contains alcohol. Such a combination in the heat can cause an irreparable blow to the body, doctors warn.

Unsweetened yeast, kefir, and kombucha can become an alternative to these drinks. According to experts, it is best to eat fresh vegetables and fruits and drink pure plain water.


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