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Saturated Fat: The Real Enemy of Type 2 Diabetes, Study Suggests

Diabetes is one of the most prevalent and disturbing diseases in the world.

From 1980 to 2014, the number of diabetics in the world increased from 108 million to 422 million people.

This disease occurs when blood glucose and blood sugar levels are higher than normal.

So the body no longer produces insulin to balance the sugar.

There are numerous recommendations and ways to prevent it, but only a few seem to be working properly.

Diet and lifestyle are certainly key factors in both appearance and disappearance of diabetes types.

According to experts only a few ways and a certain lifestyle can be effective in preventing this disease.

Scientists Discover the True Cause of Diabetes

A new study argues that type 2 diabetes is a disease caused by the accumulation of fat in the liver. The latter encourages sensitivity to insulin and increases the production of sugar in the blood.

This whole mechanism also increases plasma insulin levels, thus accelerating the production of fat in the liver.

Lipids then affect many other areas of the body, including the pancreas.

The latter is where the beta cells responsible for producing insulin are located.

Long-term exposure to saturated fatty acids is very harmful to beta cells, experts say.

The Best Way To Fight Diabetes

According to the experts in question, proper nutrition and physical activity can promote the loss of excess fat deposits in the body.

The faster and more sustainable the lifestyle change, the better the health of a diabetic.

A vegetable-based diet is the best way to keep your sugar levels at the right level.

Although it can include a variety of ingredients and foods, not all are recommended for diabetes.

If you consume a lot of cereals, foods that contain starch or sugar from fruits, the disease will most likely progress.

According to doctors meat or vitamins taken from animals can also be a key factor in the development of diabetes.

This happens when the foods you take in are processed, so even if they are dietary their added ingredients during processing in the factory are harmful.

That’s because these foods if consumed in large quantities become resistant to insulin, creating imbalances in the body.

What Should You Consume?

Make sure you get as many unprocessed foods as possible, ie as many fresh vegetables as possible.

Be careful with rations, experts say, advising that meat dishes be alternated with larger amounts of vegetables.

Green vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, or salads will make you feel full and keep your body in shape.

These vegetables and herbs are very rich in fiber which keeps you full for a very long time.


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