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7 Home Remedies To Treat Bronchitis and Stop Painful Coughing Attacks

At this time of year, people are more prone to respiratory diseases like bronchitis, in which the mucous membranes of the bronchial tubes that bring air into and out of the lungs become inflamed. According to doctors, acute bronchitis is often the result of a cold or other respiratory infection. Acute bronchitis can be minor but it can become severe and even life-threatening. Here’s what you can do to treat bronchitis at home.

1. Water.
It sounds simple, but drinking 1 glass of water every 2 hours can help thin mucus and open bronchial tubes, doctors say.

2. Steam.
Experts recommend that you simply leaning over a bowl of steam-treated with a few drops of eucalyptus or pine essential oil. This works because eucalyptus has an antibacterial effect that softens mucus in clogged airways, while pine oil is an expectorant that brings up and helps get rid of phlegm.

3. Cayenne pepper.
Cayenne and other spicy foods thin the mucus in the lungs and promote a healthy cough, necessary to get all the mucus from the bronchial tubes.

4. Oregano oil.
It’s not just for pizza. Experts recommend oregano oil because it is antibacterial and supports bronchial health.

5. Ginger
Some researchers have found evidence that ginger may have an anti-inflammatory effect against respiratory infections. You can take ginger in several ways:

  • Chew dried crystallized ginger.
  • Use fresh ginger to make tea.
  • Eat it raw or add it to food.
  • Take it in capsule form as directed.

It is safest to use ginger in its natural form, rather than in capsules or supplements. You may be sensitive to ginger, so take it in small amounts if you are not used to it. Eating occasional ginger is safe for everyone, but do not take ginger as a supplement or medicine if you:

  • for pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • for diabetics
  • heart problems
  • have any type of blood disorder

6. Garlic.
It’s both antiviral and a natural antibiotic. The results of a 2016 study show that garlic effectively inhibits the growth of the infectious bronchitis virus. This finding suggests that garlic can be used as a natural remedy for bronchitis.

Fresh garlic is best, but if you don’t like the taste, you can take garlic in capsule form.

Use garlic with caution if you have a bleeding disorder. Always take it in small amounts to make sure it doesn’t upset your stomach.

7. Honey.
Thick, soothing honey not only feels good in the throat but is also good for the whole body. Add 1 teaspoon of honey to hot tea or hot lemon water to treat congestion and inflammation.


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