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5 Mosquito Repellent Plants that Keep Mosquitoes Away

Ah summer: time to slip into flip flops and enjoy all that nature has to offer – blue sky, fresh air, and … mosquitoes!

A backyard barbecue is not complete without these annoying bugs. That’s where mosquito repellent comes into play.

Mosquito bites are often uncomfortable, accompanied by redness, swelling, and itching. If you are planning to enjoy the yard or outdoors, prepare for the mosquito fight that will become your daily routine.

Mosquito repellents

Did you know that mosquitoes have 10,000 times stronger smell than a human? That is why they can smell the blood from up to 245 feet away. Because of their exquisite flair, we can divide fragrances into attractants (scents that attract them) and repellents (scents that repel them).

Repellents are agents that belong to the pesticide group, and the mosquito-related subgroup of mosquitoes are insect repellents. Airborne repellents prevent mosquitoes from orienting to the source of odors, deterring them from humans (or animals), thus reducing the chance of being bitten, thereby reducing the likelihood of contracting mosquito-borne diseases, ticks, flies, and other insects.

Natural mosquito protection

Today, there is a large selection of synthetic repellents on the market that contain different chemical compounds, but nature itself offers a solution to mosquitoes in different plants that can provide the same protection as synthetic products.

Although there are many types of plants that protect against mosquitoes and insects, we bring you the most famous plants that repel mosquitoes by their smell, so it is good to have them in the garden or to make them in the form of a spray, gel or roll-on stick that you can apply directly to the body and clothes and spray the area you frequently visit.


Apart from cocktails, teas, and meals, refreshing mint can help repel mosquitoes. Mint is easy to plant but hard to remove once rooted in the garden. Therefore, it is a better option to plant mint in a jar and pick leaves from it. You can plant more mint in jars and keep them in places you often visit.


Real and broad-leaved lavender essential oils are a great mosquito repellent, and you’ll have lavender during the summer months because it loves warm and dry places. For mosquito protection, dilute lavender with base oils, such as olive or almond. Lavender essential oil is good for soothing itching after stitching and is so gentle that it can be applied to the baby’s skin. Apply one to two drops in a painful place, and for the protection of mosquitoes, you can also use a macerate of lavender (a preparation obtained by soaking the plant in oil).


Petunia is a beautiful ornamental plant that adorns many gardens and balconies and is known as nature’s pesticide because it can repel aphids, moths, caterpillars, and other insects. Petunia is very easy to grow, can be planted in the ground or kept in a jar, and its lavish appearance will at the same time beautify and protect your home.

Ceylon Citronella Oil

Citronella is a subspecies of lemongrass and is considered one of the best insect repellents, especially mosquitoes. Citronella essential oil can be mixed with a base oil and rubbed onto the skin just before going outdoors. You can use it in diffusers or scent lamps, and there are scented citronella sticks and citronella candles that are often used outdoors for mosquito repellent. Citronella plants can be grown as a houseplant in jars and stored where you do not want mosquitoes, and you can use essential oil for natural mosquito repellent products.



Lemongrass is a tropical plant, very similar to citronella. As a subspecies of lemongrass, citronella is used more as a herb for the production of essential oils and cosmetics, and lemongrass as a spice or supplement to drinks. It can reach a size of 3 to 5 feet tall, which makes it a very attractive plant in the garden, but it must be planted in a place where it will get enough sun.


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