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Vitamin D Effectively Strengthens Your Immunity And Protects You Against Respiratory Illnesses

A strong immune system is extremely important especially during a coronavirus pandemic, so boosting immunity is one of the most important steps in prevention.

Different factors, such as diet, exercise, age, stress, and dietary supplementation, play an important role in boosting immunity.

One of the great immunomodulators that naturally boosts immunity and protects the body from infection is vitamin D. It is crucial for many body functions because, in addition to boosting immunity, it ensures normal brain function, helps the body absorb calcium and phosphate, strengthens muscles and prevents inflammatory processes.

Vitamin D comes in two major forms: Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3, and they differ depending on the source. Vitamin D3 is found in animal foods (fish and fish oil, egg yolks, butter), and D2 mainly comes from plant sources (fungi, in smaller amounts in soy, almond or coconut milk).

Vitamin D in food

Vitamin D is soluble in fats and is often referred to as the sun’s vitamin because our skin produces vitamin D when exposed to the sun. However, if we spend most of our time indoors, as is the case during isolation, it must be introduced into the body with food or supplements.

Foods rich in Vitamin D include fish, fish oil, egg yolks, butter, and offal, but adequate amounts cannot be obtained solely from nutrients because natural sources are scarce.

Therefore, supplements are an excellent solution to a quick and easy way that contributes to the normal function of the body and maintains the required amount of vitamins and minerals in the body. In situations where you can’t spend enough time outdoors, make sure you have dietary supplements on hand to help you maintain a normal daily amount of Vitamin D3 and boost your immunity.

In addition to Vitamin D3, one of the key allies of immunity is beta-glucan as it has been proven to help alleviate symptoms of respiratory infections and reduce the duration of illness.

Taking a vitamin D3 dietary supplement helps boost the immune system, maintain normal bones, normal blood calcium levels, normal calcium, and phosphorus absorption.


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