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The Mystery Of COVID-19 – Why Young And Healthy People Dying From A New Virus

The coronavirus most severely affects the elderly and those with chronic illnesses, but there are healthy and young people among the victims of the virus. Experts are trying to understand why healthy people die, the Guardian writes.

This is one of the most mysterious questions that scientists are trying to find as they fight the coronavirus pandemic.

In some cases, undiagnosed conditions are later identified, and in others there is still no explanation, further complicating scientists in their attempts to find a reasonable explanation for the behavior of the virus. There are several theories. Some researchers believe that an important factor is the amount of virus released into the body of the infected person. The higher the dose, the less favorable the outcome. Others believe it may be related to genetic predisposition.

In other words, there are people whose genes seem more vulnerable to the virus as it spreads throughout the body. The theory of genes is supported by virologist Michael Skinner of Imperial College in London. “It is likely that some of us have certain genetic composition, which is more likely to respond favorably to this coronavirus infection,” said Skinner. An example is the herpes simplex virus, which causes herpes simplex encephalitis in some. Others, however, believe that the amount of virus in the body of an infected person may be a key factor in determining the outcome. Such people are said to be infected with a high viral load.

“A person with a high viral load has more viral particles than a person with a low viral load,” said the University of Suspect Virologist Alison Sinclair. The expert explained that they still do not know what the impact of viral load is on the symptoms of a person with coronavirus, but it is important to determine if there is a link between high viral load and worst outcomes. This thesis was supported by Edward Parker of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

He explained that information from China suggests that the viral load is higher in patients with more severe symptoms, which is the same in those infected with influenza and severe respiratory syndrome (SARS). According to the latest data from Johns Hopkins, shows more than 1.2 million cases and more than 64 000 died in 181 countries, more than 246 000 recovered.


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