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Quarantine 15: How To Keep A Track Of Your Diet While You Are Quarantined At Home

Over 70 pct Chinese put on weight during anti-virus life…

According to research, quarantine is noticeable on the ribs. Most people gain weight in isolation.

At home all day, hardly any movement – and the refrigerator is never more than a few steps away. The temptation to eat more than one actually feels good is especially great during the lockdown.

According to a survey in China, 73 percent of those surveyed gained weight during the coronal crisis. The main reasons given were lack of exercise and an unhealthy lifestyle in home isolation. , Some also said that they just ate more and more while quarantined at home. A survey conducted by a Chinese newspaper -China Youth Daily included 3005 people.

How To Avoid The ‘Quarantine 15:

Avoid Unhealthy And Continued Snacking
A con of being quarantined at home implies you have more idle time at home. You get to lay your hands on all kinds of snacks and cravings get in your way. This leads to unhealthy snacks that are not even needed. Watch what you eat and avoid snacks at all costs. Eat fruits and nuts to satiate the hunger pangs instead.

Take Out Time To Exercise
Strike a balance between diet and exercise and switch your lifestyle to a healthier one.

Nutritionists advise you to exercise at home or if you work from home yoga sessions will be very helpful or walking alone outdoors are well suited.

Do Not Eat On Bed
Make it a habit to always eat at the dining table. Eating while sitting on your bed is probably one of the worst habits of all. Eating on a bed makes a potential background for increasing bacteria and germs. Keeping the bed clean is another task, as a crumb or two always fall down. Eating on the bed is also associated with sleep disorders. Lack of sleep leads to fat storage around your body, which ultimately makes you fat and unhealthy.


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