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People With These Health Conditions Can Make It Harder To Fight Coronavirus

If you have certain physical health problems or a mental disorder, you may be more susceptible to coronavirus than other people.

The Coronavirus has devastated the world, and every day there is an increase in the number of sick, recovered and, unfortunately, fatalities, and with each new number, scientists learn more about the virus.

Even the first data from China, where the coronavirus or COVID-19 originated, showed that some people were at greater risk and more serious health complications of the new coronavirus. These include people who have serious chronic health conditions and who are in the most vulnerable group and need special care, find out below.

Chronic Respiratory Diseases
Coronavirus belongs to SARS viruses, a respiratory disease virus that can cause a variety of conditions, from the common cold to pneumonia, kidney failure, and death. Patients with chronic respiratory illnesses should be very careful because pneumonia is one of the complications of coronavirus infection, and can be deadly for such patients. Persons suffering from chronic respiratory diseases should be protected, spend time in isolation, regularly wash their hands and clothes from the outside and provide a dose of medication for at least 30 days.

Heart Disease
People suffering from heart disease often have the tendency to suffer from other conditions, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, viral infections, and lung disease, all of which further weaken the immune system. The high fever and fever associated with the coronavirus put an additional strain on the already weakened heart and organism, which is unable to fight the new virus. Therefore, cardiac patients are particularly alerted to the potentially increased risk of coronavirus and additional precautions: isolation, exercise and healthy eating to strengthen the heart.

Because immunity is already weakened and compromised by people with diabetes, the body struggles with the coronavirus. In addition, it has been suggested that viruses can progress faster when blood glucose levels are high and the number of inflammations in the body is increased due to diabetes. Diabetics are advised to introduce additional measures to control their blood glucose levels, adequate water and food supply, and medication supplies for at least one month, in addition to the increased risk, in addition to precautionary measures.

Anxiety and Depression
Recent research warns that people with anxiety and depression are at greater risk of contracting coronavirus. Namely, just as coronavirus is dangerous for people who have physical problems, so is a higher risk for those diagnosed with a psychiatric condition. Fear of viruses and all changes can increase anxiety and depression, and the situation is getting worse if such a person is at home with someone who has COVID-19. The burden of care, among other things, impairs mental health, while avoiding others and quarantine increase the feeling of loneliness. Therefore, these individuals must exercise for 30 minutes a day, with natural relaxation techniques, to ensure normal sleep and to keep to a routine (if you work from home, create a work unit to do the job more efficiently).

Whether you belong to one of these groups or not, be sure to obey precautions, wash your hands regularly and disinfect your clothes and stay at home, because only by following the instructions of the CDC and WHO, will avoid infection.


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