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Muscle Tension From Stress And Anxiety – How To Understand And Release Your Body

People who manage to ‘hide’ their emotions are more likely to suffer from muscle tension.

Blocking emotions is very dangerous because it causes unnecessary suffering and subdues the energy of the body and soul.

Experts say that although the mindful person may be able to extinguish many emotions, the body is unable to do so and suffers.

In this article, you will learn about the role that spirituality plays in muscle health.

Upper Spine Tension
Closing yourself in and keeping the sadness inside is physically revealed especially in the upper back.

Experts say the first step in treating high blood pressure in this part of the back is an emotional release.

Shoulder Tension
Shoulder tension seems to be intimately linked to social and emotional responsibilities, including unconsciously carrying the burden of other people’s pain

This heavy burden causes tension and shoulder pain.

Experts recommend that you occasionally remember to get rid of unnecessary burdens.

Lower Back Tension
Lower back issues often correlate with feelings of low self-worth and lack of self-acceptance. Feelings such as guilt, shame, and even sexual inadequacy or trauma can also cause problems

Abdominal tension
Stomach cramps occur when a person has to face something emotionally significant.

Feelings should not be overlooked or ignored, experts say.

Talk to someone who understands you.

Neck tension
Neck tension occurs when a person refuses to face something stressful.

If this happens regularly, you will wake up every day with severe neck pain.

Average Tension
In this case, we are dealing with something that hurts your conscience.

Mistakes are for people, experts say, so take it easy and forgive yourself or apologize to others.

Head Tension
Tension in this area stems from fear.

Discover what scares you and this emotional problem will go away.

Joint tension
The joints suffer when the person is upset and angry.

Anger is manifested unintentionally and the body speaks clearly.

The tension of the upper limb
This area carries problems with the past and impatience.

Both of these problems appear with pain on the outside and inside of the limbs.

Knee tension
This problem stems from the fear of emotional and spiritual fragility.

The less scared you are, the less physical pain you will feel.

Doctors advise you to try to release emotions, talk to friends and walk in nature. Your body and health suffer when you are stressed and when you have emotions inside you.


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