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How To Keep Your Kidneys Safe By Looking For These 14 Early Signs!

The kidneys play a major role in removing toxins and waste from the body. Their essential function is important for your overall health.

However, irregular kidney function is a major cause of many diseases and toxins remain in the body. An unhealthy lifestyle also affects the function of your kidneys.

The kidneys have many vital functions, and we have covered some of them:

  • They balance the water level. The kidneys use different levels of water to break down urine. Elevated water levels stop the kidneys from removing water from the body. This creates the perfect soil for many diseases to develop.
  • The kidneys remove waste material, including nitrogen waste in the body such as urea, salt, and toxins.
  • They regulate the formation of red blood cells. Insufficient oxygen levels in the kidneys affect the production of erythropoietin, which allows the bone marrow to form red blood cells.

These increase the oxygen that is further transmitted to the kidneys.

  • The kidneys regulate acid levels. Each cell in your body produces distinctive acid. The kidneys have the ability to balance the levels of these acids.
  • Kidneys regulate blood pressure. Healthy kidneys filter the blood by maintaining a normal blood pressure level. Whenever your blood pressure drops, your kidneys do not perform their function properly.

Kidney disease

Kidney disease is often caused by hypertension, infections or diabetes. This requires regular blood pressure and glucose testing.

Make sure there are members of your family who may have kidney disease because genes can bring you this unpleasant heritage. Alcoholism, smoking, unhealthy diets, insufficient physical activity, and drug overdose cause serious kidney problems.

Early signs of kidney disease

The first symptoms are usually noticed when the kidneys fail to perform their function and the urine is filled with protein. Unfortunately, we usually overlook those symptoms that indicate an early stage kidney problem.

You need to be more attentive to your health and consider any symptoms before your condition worsens.

Below you can check the earliest signs of kidney disease.

– Changing urine, bloody urine or frequent urination
– Sleep disorder
– Vomiting and nausea
– Energy drops and fatigue
– Affected mental abilities and focus
– Indigestion
– Lack of appetite and a metallic taste in the oral cavity
– Shortness of breath
– A burning sensation and a skin rash
– Pain in the area above the waistline
– Muscle cramps
– Hiccup
– Swollen limbs
– Poor blood circulation

– If left untreated in the early stage, any of these symptoms can lead to kidney damage.

Protect your kidney health

Improper kidney function leads to other health problems. Diseases of the kidney parts cannot restore normal function. Strengthen your health and prevent serious problems by treating these symptoms.

Here are some helpful tips on how to improve your health:

– Eat low saturated fat
– Never starve, as your normal kidney function requires healthy calories
– Cut off or reduce your salt and potassium intake
– Eat more watermelons, berries, and apples
– Low protein foods are great for your kidneys
– Be sure to drink 8 glasses of water every day

Lifestyle Changes

– Maintain normal blood pressure
– Calcium and Vitamin D supplements are good for you
– Avoid steroids and painkillers
– Be more active to prevent hypertension, obesity, and diabetes
– Stop alcohol and cigarettes


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