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During A Pandemic: You Can Use Ginger But Do Not Overdo It As It Is Not A Cure For COVID-19

During the state of emergency caused by the new coronavirus, many chose to boost immunity by folk remedies, including ginger

One such remedy is fresh ginger root. It is added to some dishes, but most often in health tips, it is recommended to boil and drink instead of tea. Retailers and markets responded immediately to the growing interest in this product, raising the price of ginger several times over.

But besides the fact, that the preventative and therapeutic effect of ginger raises questions among doctors, in some cases, this product can cause serious harm to the body. In this regard, it will be good to know when to give up ginger.

The WHO said ginger is not a medically proven treatment for fighting COVID-19

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), patients with gallstones as well as those with bleeding disorders or those taking anticoagulation medications should stop using ginger. In these cases, the possibility of enhancing immunity or ginger treatment should be agreed with your doctor. This is because ginger can affect blood clotting and its immunological parameters, as well as cause increased bile production.

Also, ginger is not recommended for children under the age of six. And in people with sensitive skin, the process of cleaning and cutting ginger can cause contact dermatitis on the skin of the hand.

In addition, experts warn that ginger is not recommended for people with exacerbated gastrointestinal diseases. It can irritate the gastric mucosa and other parts of the gastrointestinal tract. This spice can cause ulcers or gastritis.

Is it worth strengthening immunity by ginger?

According to experts, consuming ginger to boost the immune system can be not only expensive but also worthless.

“First of all, we need to pay attention to the amount of water consumed and the amount of protein we eat. Because our immunity is mainly cells and antibodies, they have a protein component. And blood plasma is made up of water,” experts say.

“Ginger, with its properties, will help if a person drinks water and consume enough protein.” According to experts, water is used to dilute the blood and remove toxins that result from the fight against the virus.

In the current situation, according to the experts, it is much more important to pay attention to a healthy diet and water balance.

“It is not recommended to use ginger as a means of boosting immunity. Moreover, now that the price of this product is very high. Sellers of food products are simply taking advantage of people’s fears. If someone is comfortable with the use of ginger, if added to herbal tea simply for taste and variety – yes, but in larger quantities as a means of improving immunity – it will be completely useless, “experts advise.


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