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Donald Trump Says COVID-19 Lives For Just 2 Minutes On Sunny Surfaces Above 70f

Donald Trump said heat, humidity, and sunlight can kill a coronavirus. Speaking at the White House on Thursday, the president quoted a new report from the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate, saying: ‘DHS scientists have released a report offering how the virus responds to different temperatures, climates, and surfaces.

According to him, the bacteria of the disease live only two minutes when exposed to the sunlight when temperatures are 70f (25c) and above.

The findings confirm that the virus survives better in colder and drier environments and also appears weaker in warmer and humid environments.

“Provided that we expose the body to the powerful effects of ultraviolet light or simply very powerful light. If you can bring light into the body, through the skin, or in some way, it destroys it in a minute, “the American leader explained.

Scientists speculate that COVID-19 could die out as the weather warms up, and return when temperatures drop again in the fall. But they warned the virus is still too new to comment on how it copes with different temperatures.

Trump has disagreed with the head of the American Center for Disease Control and White House Immunologist, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who have both warned that the coronavirus would almost certainly return later this year. On Wednesday, the president speculated that the virus could disappear forever by summer.

Close to 878,000 people have so-far been diagnosed with coronavirus in the US, with almost 50,000 dying of complications related to COVID-19. The number of infected people in the world has exceeded 2.5 million.


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