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Coronavirus: Is US Tap Water Safe To Drink?

No, you probably won’t get a coronavirus by drinking tap water …

Many people wonder if tap water could be a vector for coronavirus. The answer is simple: no.

Before deep-diving into this topic, the general answer is that the tap water is safe to drink with some caveats.

Most of the quality of tap water provided by local municipalities in the United States is of a high international standard and healthy and safe to drink. There are many more challenges in rural areas and houses with private wells. In addition to this, there are many local issues, including well-publicized problems with lead in Michigan and Newark.

In fact, according to experts, the virus has problems with its survival in the aquatic environment. In addition, “microbiological water quality is ensured by disinfection during the treatment stage”, especially when chlorine is added to it.

Tap water is the most controlled foodstuff in the United States, and the current health crisis has changed nothing.

Be assured and, on the contrary, use tap water to wash your hands regularly. With soap, of course.


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