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Coronavirus Fact Check: Can The Virus Cling To My Clothes And Shoes?

Although it is known how coronavirus is transmitted and what are the symptoms of coronavirus, some information about this virus is still unknown, so scientists are searching for new insights from day to day through numerous studies.

COVID-19, like the flu, is transmitted by droplet. Most patients became infected through direct contact with another infected person. However, it is also known that coronavirus can survive on different surfaces outside the human body. Experts have suggested that the virus can survive outside the human body from just a few hours up to several days, which of course depends on the material of the surface.

Coronavirus and Clothing

Although materials such as metals and plastics can allow the virus to survive for 2 to 3 days, clothing is not considered a material conducive to its survival. Experts point out, however, that there are several situations where you might want to wash your clothes immediately after returning home:

If you are caring for a sick person or are near the infected, washing clothes is an important part of prevention. This is especially true for people like healthcare professionals.

Going to the store may not be a situation in which you will only get so infected, however, if you have failed to keep enough distance from other customers or staff or if someone is coughing in the immediate area, it would be a good idea to wash your clothes immediately at the highest possible temperature.

More important than washing clothes, in addition to maintaining social distance, is regular hand washing, avoiding touching your face with unclean hands, as well as disinfection of frequently used items such as keys, cell phones, and doorknobs.

Coronavirus and Shoes

Shoes are, by their nature, much dirtier than clothing, and therefore bacteria and viruses are more likely to enter your home if you come in with shoes. A recent study published by the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that coronavirus might be spread by the soles of shoes worn by medical workers. Even half of the samples tested were positive for COVID-19

However, experts believe that shoes are not the choice to transmit coronavirus in most cases. The reason is that most people take their shoes off when entering the house. If you do have concerns about your shoes you can disinfect or wash them in hot water if they are washable. If they are not, you can leave them outside when you come indoors.

Although there is no evidence of coronavirus infection through clothing and shoes, care should be taken.


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