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Can Protein Deficiency Lead To Increased Risk Of COVID-19?

Answering the question of whether a lack of protein in the human diet can aggravate susceptibility to coronavirus infection, the researchers noted that its amount really affected the risk of getting COVID-19.

According to the scientist, protein is a building material of body tissues, it is of great importance for the proper functioning of the immune system. Some people, even in developed countries, do not consume enough protein in their diets. Meanwhile, its amount is associated with susceptibility to coronavirus infection.

The human body needs different nutrients to function properly, and protein is one such. By participating in the construction of body tissues, muscles, bones, it also becomes a source of energy for the body. However, as with vitamins D and B12, people often suffer from protein deficiency, ”experts said.

Causes and symptoms of Protein Deficiency

Causes of protein deficiency usually include unhealthy, low-fat diets consisting of processed foods and junk foods. Inadequate amounts of food or the inability of the body to absorb and use the protein may also be a common cause of protein deficiency in humans. Lack of protein in the body can lead to fatty liver, especially as a symptom of kwashiorkor in children. Other common problems that can be observed in people who have protein deficiencies include nail, hair, and skin problems since protein plays a very important role as a building block of such tissues. The risk of bone fracture reduces muscle mass, and stunted growth in children is also a common result of poor protein intake. Also, the result of insufficient protein in the diet may increase the susceptibility to infection with a new type of coronavirus.

Although there is no specifically obtained evidence based on existing facts and observations, it can be considered that the protein, along with other macroelements, has a significant impact on the risk of infection and the severity of any infection. People who have poor nutrition are at increased risk of contracting various bacterial and viral infections, ”experts say.

According to them, protein is an integral part of the diet, and to avoid its lack, you need to focus on rich sources of protein – chicken eggs, meat and offal, cottage cheese, other dairy products, legumes, nuts.

Our immune cells need enough protein to repair themselves, without which we are at a much greater risk of contracting any infection we face. Coronavirus infection is especially dangerous for people who have diabetes, hypertension, cancer, or the elderly. Their diet should contain an adequate amount of useful macronutrients, minerals, and vitamins with high-quality protein sources to improve immune function, “the experts concluded.


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