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Benefits and Nutrition Facts Of Sprouts That Will Make You Want To Add Them To Your Plate

It turns out that the most useful food on Earth is the cheapest. Keep it in mind for anyone who thinks healthy eating is expensive.

Sprouts are living enzymes, ready to work wonders with you, cure you of many ailments, and rejuvenate your body – if you will, of course. Many wise people have consumed such biogenic food in ancient times, thanks to which they have lived for many years.

Benefits of Sprouts:

– 100 grams of germinated seeds provide greater nutritional value.

– They’re the most healing food on the planet and has long been used as the best medicine.

– They contain bioenergy in the maximum phase of its activity.

– They have biogenic properties (by planting sprouts in the ground, they give birth to new life, becoming a plant – biogenic). That is why biogenic food is called living food.

– Increases the physical and mental energy of the person.

– They help to reduce the amount of sleep that the body uses to replenish it with bioenergy.

– Sprouts are the best suppliers of enzymes (enzymes sources of vital energy), vitamins, dietary fibers (cellulose, connective tissue), amino acids, fatty acids, sugars, micro- and macroelements. The sprouts contain 40 times more natural enzymes from any other products. And the antioxidants contained in the sprouts prevent the destruction of DNA, which helps prolong life.

– If you use sprouted seeds in your food, you will get the maximum amount of natural vitamin antioxidants needed for the body to protect you from disease and prolong your life.

– They’re a good source of protein – 300 grams of sprouted seeds can satisfy your appetite.

– A handful of sprouts per day are sufficient for a fulfilling life.

Content in Organic Foods:

– The maximum amount of live enzymes, with the help of which all metabolic processes, absorption of proteins, fats, carbohydrates are carried out.

– Practically complete set of living amino acids, from which all living cells are formed.

– An inexhaustible source of connective tissue, which is necessary to maintain the health of the microflora and improve food processing.

– Virtually all living micro and macro elements.

– Almost all living vitamins needed to normalize metabolic processes.

– Because biogenic foods are found in organic compounds in biogenic foods, their enzymes are very easily absorbed. They are assimilated to 90-100% with thorough chewing.

– If you eat nutritious foods on a regular basis, you lose attraction to dead food, alcohol, smoking, drugs.

Regular use of sprouts stimulates metabolism and blood formation; increases immunity; compensates for vitamin and mineral deficiency; normalizes acid-base balance; helps to cleanse the body of slag, as well as for efficient digestion; increases potency; slows down the aging process.

Germinated seeds are especially useful for children and the elderly, for pregnant women and nursing mothers, for people engaged in intensive mental and physical labor.

In addition to the overall positive effect on the body, sprouts have a specific healing effect and are recommended for people suffering from various diseases.


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