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5 Things You Shouldn’t Do After Out of Quarantine

All of us are counting the days until life returns to normal…

However, according to experts, this will not happen in the blink of an eye and requires not only time but also willpower.

We are looking forward to the days when we can sit in a cafe or restaurant, go to the gym, the cinema or travel.

Worldwide, many countries are easing some of the measures against COVID-19 pandemic, and such news multiplies the temptation to enjoy life outside the home.

The idea of a hug, a kiss, a party, or a trip abroad is very tempting, but is it achievable?

Authorities warn that if COVID-19 infections continue at the same pace, measures against COVID-19 may be reinstated.

This was confirmed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, according to her “we are still in the initial stage of coming out of the pandemic”, or the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, who said that “we should not be guided by emotions but by facts”.

One thing is for sure so far: our lives will not return to normal immediately.

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do After Out of Quarantine

Even if the measures are facilitated, people should follow some advice and not rush for the sake of their own health and the health of others.

Don’t throw a party or hit the bars

Social distancing measures have been put in place for a reason, namely to stop the transmission and spread of the virus en masse.

Organizing or going to a party where dozens of people are likely to be in an open and cluttered environment is dangerous.

There can be asymptomatic people and you can be very dangerous.

Even if disco bars are opened, they will have limited time and capacity.

Health protection will remain entirely in your hands.

Don’t Stop Hygiene

Hygiene is essential not only during pandemics.

Even if COVID-19 disappears, humanity has just realized its fragility.

Isolation and hand washing have an important purpose: not to get infected.

Let’s hope people will be careful with handwashing as most have done so far.

We must follow the advice of washing our hands regularly on a daily basis.

Don’t Visit People Who Are Most At Risk

We know that the longing for grandparents will be great, but they are still in grave danger of being embraced.

Any possible vaccine against COVID-19 may require at least one year.

Keeping a distance from the most vulnerable people, such as the elderly, is the best way to protect their health.

Don’t Plan Holidays Abroad

Even if / when the borders are opened we have to be patient.

Don’t be tempted by the cheap hotel or flight fees.

On such trips airport avoidance is inevitable.

Airports and airplanes pose a high risk and contribute to the massive spread of COVID-19 around the globe.

Moreover, if the virus comes back again and quarantine is restored, it will be difficult for you to return home.

Don’t Throw Masks

The uncertainty is great. If another wave of infection re-forms, the quarantine will be necessary as well as security measures.

Keep the masks you find at home because you may need them in other emergencies.

When the time comes, the wisest thing to do is to be optimistic but careful.


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