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5 Signs and Symptoms of High Blood Sugar to Be Aware Of

Blood sugar is a common name and a term that reflects the concentration of glucose circulating in the bloodstream, and the value reflects the amount of unused free energy available to the body.

High blood sugar can be a sign of diabetes. There are signs that speak of this dangerous disorder in the body.

You often feel thirsty and use the toilet.

When the sugar level gets too high, the body incorporates mechanisms to balance it. To reduce glucose concentration, the body incorporates a frequent urination regimen; one starts going to the toilet even at night.

You feel tired periodically.

Frequent episodes of tone decline, weakness can also be a sign that your sugar level is too high. In this case, the blood becomes denser and its flow slows down. Cells do not get the nutrients they need quickly enough, and lack of them provokes a sense of fatigue.

Eyes are suffering.

The blurred vision effect, which seems to be a difficulty reading, can also be a sign of high blood sugar. Doctors, in this case, talk about diabetic retinopathy.

The limbs hurt.

Excessive sugar damages fine nerve fibers responsible for temperature and sensitivity to pain. Leg pain may occur, which may be burning, acute. Pain at night is characteristic.

Memory is getting worse.

People with excess glucose show worse cognitive tests and are more prone to Alzheimer’s disease.


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