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You Often Need to Change These 9 Things In the Bathroom…(in order to prevent bacteria)

In addition to showering, maintaining personal hygiene requires cleaning and maintaining the bathroom. Dirt, and the warm and humid conditions that prevail in the bathroom, are ideal for bacteria to develop. You should regularly change the accessories you use for personal hygiene and cleaning the bathroom with new ones.

Find out below when to replace things like towels, a toothbrush, and body washes.

Cleaning cloths and sponges
Dead skin cells, dust, and other dirt are found on all surfaces, so they must be occasionally wiped clean, floors washed, and sponges and cleaning cloths replaced. You should change the bathroom cleaning range after each cleaning

Body wash sponge
If you use sponges and similar body washes supplies, you should change them every 3 weeks. Dead skin cells and a humid environment create bacteria that multiply at high speed.

Makeup brushes and applicators
Makeup applicators are a litter of bacteria. Wash them with warm water and soap after each use until the water is clear. Although you regularly keep your makeup accessories clean, after 6 months you still need to replace your old one with a brand new one.

We can find a bunch of bacteria on the toothbrushes. The brush should be changed every 3 to 4 months.

Body towels
If you wipe with a towel after each shower or bath and then hang it to dry, you can use it 3 to 4 times. This means you should change your towels at least once a week.

Hand towel
Hand towels get dirty faster, especially if you have more family members. In this case, you should change your hand towels every day. Otherwise, if you are two people in the house or are alone, make a replacement every couple of days.

Bathroom rugs
You should change them every week as they may contain feces, hair, dead skin cells, dust, and bacteria.

Facial cleansing soap
Facial cleanser soap has a one-year deadline and if you don’t use it within that time frame, get a new one.

Shower or bathtub curtains
We often find mold on the shower or bathtub curtains. Wash the curtains every 3 months in the washing machine and hang to dry completely.


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