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Warning Signs of Leukemia That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Non-recognition of symptoms is one of the main reasons why patients with leukemia are late diagnosed with the disease, which ultimately complicates treatment. As with any malignant disease, so with leukemia, the earlier the disease is detected, the greater the chance of cure.

The symptoms of leukemia can be attributed to various conditions as well as stress, which is why many do not take them seriously enough. Some of the possible symptoms of leukemia that are rarely recognized on time are skin paleness, cold hands, shortness of breath, or slow wound healing.

Such ambiguous symptoms are not recognized by patients, but even family physicians can, therefore, take longer to develop from the onset of symptoms to a specialist examination and make a definitive diagnosis and the disease progresses to an advanced stage.

Symptoms of Leukemia

In order to have time to react, pay attention to these symptoms:

  • anemia and the symptoms associated with it such as fatigue, paleness and general weakness
  • increased tendency to bruise or bleed, including bleeding from the gums or from the nose or traces of blood in stool or urine
  • increased tendency for infections such as throat infections or bronchial pneumonia, which may be
  • accompanied by headache, mild fever, oral pain, or rash.
  • swollen lymph nodes, usually in the neck, armpits or groin
  • loss of appetite and body weight
  • feeling discomfort in the area below the left lower ribs (caused by a swollen spleen)
  • increased white blood cell count which can result in visual problems due to retinal hemorrhage, tinnitus, changes in mental state, prolonged erection (kindness) and stroke

When to see a doctor?

Contact your doctor for suspected leukemia if:

  • you have any of the above symptoms and you cannot explain their cause, then a blood test should be made to show the number of blood cells
  • experience unexpected bleeding, very high fever, as there is a possibility that you may need immediate treatment for acute leukemia
  • you are in remission for leukemia and you notice some signs that the disease has returned, such as infections or increased bleeding tendency, then it is necessary to go for control even before the agreed date.


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