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Meet Sumac, the Superfood Spice That’ll Help You Fight Inflammation and Has Antiviral Effects

The ancient herb sumac—made from ruby-colored berries that are ground into a beautiful, coarse powder that bursts with color and aroma—- has been eternally underrated in American cooking (if you thought of poison ivy right away, you’re wrong!) for centuries. it’s time to correct that mistake.

“Recognized as a great substitute for lemon or vinegar, and is great to use on kebabs, chicken, and fish… says Tenny Avanesian, an Armenian American Food Entrepreneur and Founder of Lemonette: “It has been used in the East for centuries as a refreshing addition to meals, and you could not walk through a street food marketplace of centuries past (even today) without seeing it everywhere around you.”

How to Start Cooking with Sumac?

You can use it instead of lemon when making dishes like salads, hummus, marinades or sauces. You can sprinkle it atop basmati rice or any kind of flatbread and pastry, scrambled eggs. Rub sumac on meat, fish, or poultry—if you’re grilling them, even better.

Health Benefits of Sumac

– Contains antioxidants and antimicrobial properties
– Helps with indigestion and anorexia,
– Helps stop vomiting and diarrhea,
– It is very effective in treating many diseases such as throat and gum disease.
– Provides protection and increases the body’s resistance to diseases such as flu, colds
– It has an antipyretic feature. It improves the respiratory system.
– It also regulates blood sugar and cholesterol.
– It helps in menstrual irregularities or those who have had a painful period.

Sumac is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory spices out there. It is full of antioxidants and has the ability to neutralize free radicals that can cause cancer, heart disease, and premature aging. By activating DNA repair, it helps fight cancer.

Sumac is also a beneficial ingredient for those with type 2 diabetes. Studies have shown that daily intake of sumac for three months will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease among people with type 2 diabetes.

Extra Tip:

Make tea that has antiviral effects and helps you beat the flu


– a cup of boiled water

– A teaspoon of sumac

Preparation: Add a teaspoon of sumac into a cup of boiling water, allow to cool for 5 minutes, strain and drink. Add 1-2 drops of thyme oil ( if desired)


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