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Earthquake Hit Zagreb Amid Partial Coronavirus Lockdown

Today’s earthquake in Zagreb woke up residents of the Croatian capital in the worst possible way. The buildings were shaking violently and the tremor lasted for a long time and caused tremendous fear among the citizens.

Part of the buildings, especially in the city center, suffered considerable damage, and to make matters worse, there were also injuries in the earthquake. The worst was for a 15-year-old girl who is in critical condition and she is in a children’s hospital on Klaic Street, where doctors are fighting for her life.

The earthquake situation is not critical, but it is because of the corona

The situation in Zagreb due to a violent earthquake is not good, but it is not critical. What is critical is the fact that Croatia is in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic and the number of patients is growing exponentially.

Zagreb citizens panicked out of their homes and apartments this morning, fearing new ground tremors and damage to buildings. That’s a reasonable reaction. However, some of them forgot the extremely important instructions about keeping a distance. Some grouped and talked at a short distance to share information and comfort each other.

Grouping people in front of buildings will not help combat the pandemic.

However, in this situation, it is more important than ever to obey the instructions of the Civil Protection Staff and to stay at least two meters away from other people, regardless of the situation.

Grouping people on the streets of the capital this morning will certainly not help slow the spread of coronavirus infection, and it is, therefore, important to keep in mind that the worst has happened in the earthquake, but the danger of spreading coronavirus infection is still present.

“The earthquake is something that is bad, but the corona is dangerous. Please – keep your distance!” said Vili Beroš, Minister of Health.

It should be noted also that earthquakes can not be predicted nor prevented, and responsible behavior and social distancing, or keeping a space between people, we can slow the spread of coronavirus.

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