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Covid-19 Epidemic Could Have Changed, Something Strange Is Happening In Italy

Maria Rita Gismondo seems to be taking a step back on an epidemic that puts Italy in the knee. “The Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus could have changed”, this is a hypothesis put forward by the director of the Laboratory for Clinical Microbiology, Virology and Diagnosis of Biological- Emergencies at Sacco Hospital in Milan. At this point – by her own admission – Gismondo expresses a “converging thought” with that of virologist Ilaria Capua. “In Lombardy,” explains the addition of Ankronos, “there is something we do not understand. The deaths of China have been overcome in an infinitesimal area and in a shorter time.” A sort of reverse as the director initially lashed out against Robert Burioni who predicted epidemic as a disaster, now, the numbers in hand, things have changed.

In short, “something unusual is happening.” In the region governed by Attilio Fontana, there was, in fact, unexplained aggression. You need to join forces to do this. “I appeal to the scientific community – he concludes: let us unite to understand. If we all come together and study part of it, we will probably be able to understand it.”

“Don’t underestimate the danger. The Italians did not believe it, some people called it the ordinary flu, and one doctor inappropriately said it would disappear in two weeks, ” said Buryoni.

“Just as there is no single region of Italy that does not require maximum efforts (in the fight against the virus), such maximum efforts are required throughout Europe,” he said. Burioni agrees with German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s dreadful warning that up to 60-70 percent of the German population can be infected.

As for the expectation that warmer weather in the spring and summer will help control the epidemic, Burioni says we do not count on it. “We just don’t know,” he says.


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