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CoronaVirus Update: More Than 350 Thousands Cases of Coronavirus Recorded Worldwide

The coronavirus COVID-19 continues to infect people around the globe.

It doesn’t matter the age, sex or place where you live where the virus can affect anyone.

This was also explained two days ago by the head of the WHO, Tedros in a press release.

“Although older people are hardest hit, younger people are not spared. Data from many countries clearly show that people under 50 make up a significant proportion of patients requiring hospitalization,” Tedros told a virtual press conference.

“Today I have a message for young people: You are not invincible, this virus could put you in hospital for weeks or even kill you. Even if you don’t get sick the choices you make about where you go could be the difference between life and death for someone else,” he said.

Although isolation in some countries has continued for several weeks, the pace of the virus has not stopped.

What is Happening in the World

  • Today’s latest bulletin published with COVID-19 figures shows that there are about 351,609 cases worldwide.
  • It is worth noting that this figure is an estimate of all those infected since January 2020, as today only 235,648 of them are active cases
  • Of these, 95% are in moderate health care and only 5% are in critical care intensive care.
  • 99,040 cases have been cured worldwide, and to date, 15,361 deaths have been reported.

According to the data, the most affected country after China from which the virus originated, Italy with 59,138 infected.

Italy has been experiencing a sharp increase in the spread of the virus in recent days, both with an increase in cases and with loss of life.

The COVID-19 coronavirus has affected 192 countries and territories around the globe, freezing much of the activity in these countries.

How to Protect Yourself

As experts have explained earlier, it is important to take precautions to enable the virus.

WHO experts say this is not just bad flu because it can be life-threatening for people with chronic illnesses.

It seems that the only way to defeat COVID-19 is to collaborate between people and certain rules.

Beyond a healing vaccine, hygiene is the key to keeping the new coronavirus away.

Wash your hands as often as possible with soap and water for 30 seconds.

Keep a safe distance whenever you leave your home about 1-1.5 meters away from other people.

Stay at home as much as possible and disinfect your environment frequently.


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