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7 Reasons To Use Vinegar In Your Washing Machine

In the modern world, it is often said that the use of laundry detergents is harmful. Most existing products contain toxic substances that contribute to allergen activation, skin irritation and even disruption of the body.

To protect yourself and your family from such problems, try using vinegar into your washing machine. Not only does it deal with stains and whitening, not worse than chemicals, it also does not damage your health.

Vinegar in Laundry

Many may be skeptical about the vinegar and not taken seriously the call for its use. After reading the following benefits, you will have a different opinion about it

It will Help to Preserve the Color of Things.
Due to its composition, the vinegar perfectly dissolves the plaque of soap or powder and thus preventing the fading of fabrics. Therefore, you no longer need to discard things simply because they are discolored.

Performs the Function of a Softener
Vinegar softens things better than many softeners. This is especially true when doing laundry and towels that are too rough and not comfortable to use.

It will bring things back to their former whiteness.
Yellow shirts and gray towels can and should return to normal. To do this, simply add vinegar when washing – its acid perfectly destroys the molecules of stubborn dirt.

Vinegar Removes Stains
From this point on, you can easily and permanently forget about the expensive remedies because vinegar will be sufficient for this function. And if you add soda to it, then we can confidently say – the stains will disappear forever.

Removes Rotten and Bad Odors.
Everyone was confronted with the smell of wet linen, the “scent” of second-hand goods or smoked stuff. In such situations, vinegar will help to eliminate all unpleasant aromas – just add it to the machine before washing.

Protects Against Staining.
With vinegar, you can’t be afraid to put a red T-shirt and white pants on the washing machine at the same time. Just soak things in it before washing – this will help to fix the color and prevent it from staining.

Prevents the Formation of Limescale
On top of all that has been said so far, vinegar will be of great benefit to the washing machine itself. It will protect the machine from mold, scale, bad smell, and harmful bacteria.

How Much and When to Add Vinegar

Depending on the cause of use and the desired result, the dose should be one cup or half a cup.

A smaller volume is used when vinegar acts as an emollient, antistatic agent or bleach. Also, half a cup will be enough to refresh the color or eliminate the unpleasant odor. In this case, pour the vinegar into the dust section

You will need one cup of vinegar to remove stains, protect the washing machine and remove particularly stubborn and unpleasant odors. In this case, the product should be poured into the drum

 When not to use it

It is worth refusing to use vinegar when washing silk – it is very sensitive to acids. This also applies to products made of leather, or satin, velvet, and chiffon – they will not tolerate acetic acid and as a result, will simply become useless.

Just one medicine and the right approach will help you solve many problems that have been worrying you for a long time. In addition to washing, vinegar can also be used to solve other household problems. In general, it is one of the most versatile tools in your kitchen. Be sure to save helpful articles and share them with your friends!


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