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10 Things You Should Really Wash Your Hands After Touching – They Are Causes Of Infection:

We all know the importance of personal hygiene in the prevention of various viral diseases. Frequent handwashing is obligatory during the flu epidemic, and there are items after which handwashing is mandatory! Even the youngest are educated at school, during which doctors show them the right way to do it.

Yes, frequent and proper handwashing certainly helps prevent various infections.

However, there are some items and things to keep an eye on.

Here are 10 items that we must wash our hands:

1. Everything at the airport
An airport is a gathering place for all kinds of people. Almost everything is colored “red” there, suggesting the presence of many bacteria. Avoid touching the door handles, especially those plastic tubs and trays in the safety line.

2. Handrails or doorknobs
Door handles, public transport handrails … Imagine how many people touch them daily. The only thing you can do to protect your health is to wash or disinfect your hands as quickly as possible.

3. Cutting boards and kitchen sponges
The kitchen is a true breeding ground for bacteria. Wash your hands constantly while working there.

4. Money
Credit and debit cards have become increasingly popular lately, but cash has not yet been forgotten. It is more than necessary to wash your hands as soon as you have touched banknotes.

5. Almost everything in the doctor’s office
Although it should be the cleanest in the doctor’s office, do not risk it and do not forget to wash your hands after exiting.

6. Animals
You’ve heard it as children: “Wash your hands after touching animals or interacting with pets, either yours or someone else’s.” This applies even when you grow up. 🙂

7. Pens that aren’t yours
Remember to wash your hands after using someone else’s pen.

8. Restaurant menus
Maybe the previous two didn’t surprise you as much as the menus, right? But they are touched by almost as many people as the banknotes and backrests & handrails in the subway.

9. The screen of the smartphone
Touchscreen. Bacteria are everywhere on it. Wash your hands frequently while using your phone. And avoid touching your face.

10. Soap dispensers
Yes, as ironic as it may sound, it’s a fact! The dispenser is the place that everyone touches.


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