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Eat More Beets to Boost Recovery, Fight Inflammation, Support Liver Detox, Lower Blood Pressure and More

Beets are one of the most valued root vegetables in the world

Colorful, acidic and nutrient-dense, beets make a wonderful addition to your meals and even desserts.

Whether eaten raw or cooked, these excellent vegetables contain medicinal compounds that prevent many ailments and keep your body in top shape.

An iron and iodine-rich root can also be used to treat thyroid anemia and disorders. In addition, there is a high intake of vitamin C, folate and potassium.

Health Benefits Of Beets

Here are just a few of the great properties of red vegetables:

Beets contain polyphenols and beta-salines that have the ability to reverse and prevent oxidative damage. Polyphenols also prevent cardiovascular disease.

They contain a variety of vitamins, including Group B vitamins, which strengthen the capillary walls and prevent cognitive decline.

Beets contain minerals, including potassium and folates, that promote heart health. In addition, they contain magnesium that benefits bone health; energy-producing iron and phosphorus; copper, which destroys free radicals; iodine, which is essential for the production of thyroid hormone; and much more.

They contain cobalt, which helps your gut bacteria to produce vitamin B12. This vitamin is essential, along with folic acid, to create new red blood cells

Beets contain folic acid, which revitalizes your body by helping it create new cells

Betalain and other compounds in beets remove toxins from your body.

Beets contain betacyanin and other antioxidants that prevent the growth of cancer cells.

Their high fiber content improves intestinal digestion and flora.

Beets help prevent dementia due to the high concentration of nitrates, which the body turns into nitrite. Nitrates improve blood flow to improve the amount of nutrients and oxygen that make their way all the way to your brain

Beets also contain more pectin than carrots or apples. Pectin absorbs heavy metals from your body while removing harmful bacteria from your digestive tract.

And if all the above benefits were not enough, this red vegetable has the ability to:

  • lowers cholesterol
  • lowering blood pressure,
  • reverse cognitive decline,
  • improvements in liver function
  • enhance metabolism.


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