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72 Uses For Simple Household Products To Save Money And Avoid Toxins

Characteristic items can be extremely customizable, and the chances that you supplant locally sourced items with items like apple cider vinegar, essential oils, castor oil, bicarbonate of soda, castile soap, and coconut oil will reduce costs and increase the strength of your family.

This infographic will teach you how to use everyday replacement products purchased at the store and how to successfully treat a number of health problems.

Lemon juice: Great for detox, digestion, sore throat, immunity, whitens clothes, cleans glass, highlights hair, can reduce wrinkles, skin pores and disinfect!

Coconut oil: Can polish wood, used as wd-40, lip gloss, deodorant, prevent wrinkles, improve thyroid function and can reduce migraines, just to mention.

Apple cider vinegar: Repels fleas, deodorizes laundry, can soothe sunburn, wash hair, cure acne, great for detox, can help control blood pressure, can cure yeast infections, prevent colds and more!

White vinegar: Can polish silver, clean windows, cure disturbed stomach, soothe bee sting, used as a natural regenerator, etc …

Baking Soda: useful for cleaning toilets or ovens, can be used in deodorants and toothpaste, treats diaper rash, treats heartburn…

Castile Soap: A multi-purpose cleanser, soap, can be wiped with floors, body washes, pet shampoo, toothpaste, treat eczema, psoriasis, acne, and other skin problems.

Castor oil: helps plant health, strengthens eyelashes, heals cracked heels, softens cuticles, heals dry/itchy skin, can be used as a laxative, helps work and can even reduce menstrual cramps.

To be specific, family unit items brimming with synthetic concoctions and poisons that annoy the entire family and pets.


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