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6 Symptoms Of “Silent” Pneumonia, That You Should Not Ignore!

Most common colds and respiratory infections go away easily and end quickly, but unfortunately, sometimes upper respiratory tract diseases can turn into pneumonia. And, which is especially dangerous, in some cases it is not so easy to recognize pneumonia.

Here are six key signs of latent pneumonia that can help you identify your disease and take action as quickly as possible.


The first thing that should alert you is an increased heart rate. Measure your heart rate and if it is higher than 100 beats per minute, consult your doctor – you may have pneumonia.

Chest pain

If the infection passes to the lungs, chest pain can occur. You are most likely to experience unpleasant sensations and even pain during a cough attack, but if the pain persists even after the attack, consult a doctor immediately. The infection may have spread to the lungs!

“Wet” exhausting cough

In fact, the cough in which the phlegm is excreted is quite good as it helps the body to get rid of mucus. But if the cough is constantly wet, the phlegm comes out, but it does not bring a sense of relief (at least for a short time), you should see your doctor as soon as possible – a debilitating cough may be a symptom of pneumonia.

Bloody sputum

If the phlegm that comes out of the cough is blood-stained, it is an indication that the infection has penetrated the lungs. Go to the doctor urgently – this is a very serious sign.


Chills and fever are the safest signs of pneumonia. Do not neglect it and do not “lower” the fever – consult a doctor immediately.

Difficulty breathing

Difficulty breathing or shallow breathing is another symptom of pneumonia that is important not to miss. It usually occurs when the infection has already spread quite deep into the lungs and an ambulance is needed. Otherwise, enough oxygen will stop flowing into the bloodstream and dizziness and even loss of consciousness may occur.


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