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5 Serious Health Conditions That Are Often Confused With a Toothache, but They Really Aren’t

Toothache is one of the most unpleasant things one can experience. It is often so intense that the whole side of our face seems to be numb.

Toothache is a pretty damn physical ailment, caused by overdeveloped caries, tooth sensitivity, and other dental issues.

However, you should be aware that not every toothache is associated with dental problems. What other diseases can cause pain similar to it?

1. Problems with the jaw
Toothache simulating pain can come from the jaw. It may occur with the development of temporomandibular joint dysfunction, which causes “lockjaw”. Cramping of the jaw muscles is observed and problems with mouth opening occur. This may occur due to disc displacement.

2. Sinusitis
This disease causes mucosal inflammation of one or more sinuses. Maxillary sinuses can create pain and pressure in the upper posterior teeth as the roots of these teeth are close to the bottom of the sinuses. Therefore, a toothache can often be confused as sinus pain. Dental problems can also be a cause of this disease.

3. Heart problems
Heartache can sometimes be directed to different parts of the body. The left shoulder and left arm are usually the most vulnerable. Often, pain also occurs in the lower teeth and jaw. This may be a sign of angina pectoris, known as angina or sternum, which in turn is a precursor to a heart attack. Therefore, if you have healthy teeth but feel pain in them, see a cardiologist.

4. Sialolithiasis (salivary stones)
The salivary stone disease develops in the channels of one of the salivary glands. When the stone reaches a critical size, it clogs the salivary canal. As a result, a toothache may occur and the affected gland may swell. An X-ray is required to verify this diagnosis. Surgery can be avoided if the stone is small.

5. Lung disease
Lung disease can affect the teeth and vice versa. Tooth and jaw pain is one of the signs of lung cancer. Treatment for this condition can have a negative effect on the mouth. The disease itself can cause pain when it spreads to areas around the neck and head.


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