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Why You Should Place a Lemon on Your Bedside Table Tonight

Several times we talked about the healing properties of lemon. They are also known to our ancestors and continue to be used today.

Citrus fruit has the highest antioxidant activity as it contains organic acids, pectic substances, flavonoids, vitamins and the highest amount of vitamin C. The most important properties of lemon are antimicrobial, antiseptic, tonic, antiviral and diuretic.

Today we are going to reveal some interesting facts about lemon.

Just put a plate with lemon on your nightstand – this simple action works wonders as:

Lessen Your Anxiety
The citrus scent reduces anxiety and helps relieve tension after a hard day. If you do not have lemon essential oil, use a piece of lemon.

Increase Your Productivity at Work
Lemon has another amazing feature – when you inhale the scent of lemon every day, you become more concentrated, improving your memory and mental activity. Even in the workplace, people make fewer mistakes when there is a lemon scent, Japanese scientists have found.

Your Mood Improves
Lemon essential oil is a proven anti-depression agent. Before you take any other medicine, first try this sun fruit.

Freshen the Air
Lemon has not only a pleasant fragrance, but it is also ideal for cleaning the air in the room.

Your Blood Pressure Will Be Normalized
Many people suffer from hypertension, and lemon can help here. Even its scent only lowers blood pressure.

End of Annoying Insects
Ants, flies, mosquitoes and other insects – If you are finding that these sneaky guys are getting into your home, simply leave out some chopped lemon. For even greater effect, you can place one on your nightstand, in your kitchen, in your living room—virtually any place that these bugs colonize.


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