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Man discovers Five Lions dying of hunger In Sudan Park Then Stars Campaign To Save Them

Words layout online that a group of five lions are ill and dying of hunger at a park in Khartoum, the capital city of Sudan. Unfortunately, since news of the situation had spread over the world, one of the lions was announced dead.

The rescued animals were kept at the Al-Qureshi Park, but they did not eat properly, or offer any medical observation for a few l weeks.

Osman Salih, an inhabitant of Khartoum, saw the facilities the animals were in and brought a decision that something must be done.

Salih started an online campaign announcing and put up funds to help the animals and named it the attempt“#SudanAnimalRescue.

”Park manager Essamelddine Hajjar said reporters that there was not sufficient money to give food to the animals caused by Sudan’s recent economic crisis.

“Food is not always available so often we buy it from our own money to feed them,” Hajjar said AFP.

Moataz Mahmoud, one of the caretakers at the park, told us that the animals suffer from “few diseases.”Salih posted some updates for the rehabilitation attempt on his Facebook page.

Salih said that he gave in paperwork for an application, for help from international animal save organizations and that the animals are lastly starting to be fed and get the medicals they need.

“Today was a positive day at Qurashi Park. We had good meetings with the park administration and the wildlife police. It is important to note that it was at least very good seeing all the high-level people concerned meet at such short notice,” Salih announced on Sunday.

Sadly, authorities did not agree yet, on who is in control of the animals, but there have been few volunteers to come up and help since Salih has warned about the problem.

Lion residents in Africa have decreased by 43 percent during 1993 and 2014. Analystsroughly calculates that there are approximately20,000 lions living in Africa today.

Accordingly, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), has arranged African lions as “vulnerable” sorts.

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