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3-Things That Destroy Our Joints and Cause Pain and Immobility:

Joints problems are not just an annoyance to the elderly. More and more middle-aged women (and men) are experiencing discomfort and pain as they move.

Today we will talk more about the things that destroy our joints.

As we know, the joints connect the bones in the body. This provides body movement, flexibility, and support. Everything in a person gets older with time. The propulsion system is no exception.

Very little is known about the fact that a person’s bone system develops on average by the age of 25. Immediately after crossing this boundary, articular cartilage, a shock absorber that absorbs loads, begins to lose.

However, if your joints are sore, it can be due to one of the types of tissue inflammation and the main cause of joint inflammation may be one of these three facts

Let’s take a closer look at them. Perhaps this will help you not to self-medicate, but to go to a specialist who will make the right diagnosis and offer adequate help.

So here are the causes of joint disease

This may include injuries caused by severe mechanical stress, bruising, dislocations, sprains, and micro-injuries caused by the constant slight influence of external factors. For example, an awkward position of your arm on the desk can lead to micro-injuries.

The joints are inflamed, bursitis may occur and anti-inflammatory medication may be administered and the consequences and causes of the traumatic effects eliminated.

Rheumatic processes occur because human immunity involves a process that destroys their own tissues. The connective tissue that is found mainly in the joints suffers most. In this case, you should contact a rheumatologist.

Arthritis, another inflammation of the joints, can occur as a result of injury or as a result of a chronic infection. In this case, the infection needs to be treated. Take care of yourself and don’t rely on self-medication.


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