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21-Day Morning Challenge That Can Help You Reduce Fat

Exercising when you get up has many positive benefits, for example, it supports the weight loss process and wakes you up a lot easier. In this article, we will introduce you to a three-week workout routine, and once you finish your routine, your body will burn calories much faster throughout the day, it doesn’t matter if you are watching a movie or simply sitting at the office.

The 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Try this routine and in just 3 weeks you will remove a lot of excess fat and it will be very easy to lose weight. You will not need to pay for partnerships at the gym and expensive equipment. All you need is a gym timer and a yoga mat. If you can’t find a gym timer, download the app on your smartphone.

The Exercises

The first week you start, you need to perform each exercise for no more than 30 seconds and take a break of 15 seconds between exercises. Do 2 sets of each of the exercises.

When the second week comes, each exercise should take about 55 seconds, but you also need a 15-second break between each exercise. Also, do 2 reps of each exercise.

The third week is also the last. This workout should take no longer than 80 seconds this week, and you will need a 10-second break between each workout.

  1. Burpees


burpees2. Inch worms


inchworm3.Mountain climbers





You can achieve each of your goals by staying motivated no matter what. If you need some faith in yourself, then you need to check out more articles on our site.


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