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12 Places Your Body Stores Stress and What They Reveal About Your Emotions

A lot of people all around the world have been using the wrong cure in order to treat chronic pain. This mainly happens because they haven’t found the real cause and the source of the pain. One of the most common things that trigger the pain and cause it to appear, people are not even aware of it, is stress!

According to the latest studies, people who are constantly under stress and concern, they narrow the muscles and are very likely to experience causes cramps and tiredness. Probably you’ve heard of IBS and headaches that stress can cause, but the effects and issues of the stress are further reaching for sure.

A Psychologist Dr. Susanne Babel announced: “Many studies proved that chronic pain can not only be triggered from physical injuries, but it can also be caused from emotional matters and stress as well. Sometimes we experience physical pain, but that is only a sign that our body sends, that there is still some emotional work left, that must be done.” Using this theory you will be able to find out what is the problem with your emotional status by knowing in which area of the body the pain becomes visible. Even though this theory doesn’t have any clear evidence, it is worth giving a shot:

12 Body Parts that are Pained by Stress


Headaches are sometimes caused from worrying about little things and fighting against many barriers. The only thing you can do to treat this pain is to take some time on your own and calm down, try not to feel guiltiness or think about everyday concerns and problems. Each of us deserves a little bit of silence and peace, with this we would be able to raise our productivity further.


The devastating emotion of your neck is indignation, it doesn’t matter if it is a grievance against you or others. Being merciful and letting things go could be quite hard, but you can make a big difference by diverting your view a little bit. It’s all right if you do not always meet the highest suppositions you stood for. Although you feel like everybody wants to hurt you in some way, it is not always like it seems! Think about what you’ve attained previously?  Your very individual skills and the things you love most.


You might feel a lot of tolls on your shoulders if you tend to make one choice or a couple of them. Probably you are simply irresolute or somebody else is forcing you. Therefore, you ought to try talking about your problems with someone that is too close with you and is aware of everything about you. Although they cannot give you any advice, talking about your problems can make you find a key within yourself.

Upper Back

Most of the pains in the upper back appear when we are afraid of love or we feel inappreciative. It is very bad when you don’t feel lovable or you are without the support of your close friends or your own family. The most important and probably the best solution to this, is being in contact with the others. Meeting new people from time to time, and reconnect with your loved ones. Be the kindest person you can, and be very friendly.

Lower Back

Pain in the lower back can appear mostly by money obsession and fearing of losing. Even though that the money are one of the most important things, still they cannot buy happiness, so they can damage somebody’s relationships and health. The solution to happiness is not being rich at all. When you do what you love and fill yourself with pleasure, the profit will chase you!


It is natural to feel afraid of new things and to be resistant to some new visible changes.. The most known answer to these situations is illogical being stubborn. That activates joint pain. Don’t forget that life can be complicated sometimes a lot less than it really looks like. Don’t try to change things that cannot be changeable. Continue with the flow in life and just let things happen.


We sometimes feel pain in our hands, and that is a signal of feeling alone. If you find out that you feel pain in your hands, you must get out of that lonely place and catch up with your friends, meet new ones, go to sports contests, or simply being in packed places than you usually go to.


Mostly people enjoy a predictable lifestyle, and when new circumstances come up that are unpredictably true, they begin to feel pain in their hips, which is a clear sign that they are afraid of change. Never forget that life is just like a river, it changes and it floods, and which is the most interesting part about it. Think about life as a big adventure and enjoy each moment of it.


Nobody considers itself a vain person, but a pain in the knees is a pure signal of an aerated ego. Just look around, the whole world is not going around you, care for the others, pay attention to the struggles of your acquaintances, of your parents, but mostly of your best friend. Nobody feels like losing anything when giving back, it would only make you feel pleased.


There are moments in relationships when things get very tense, mainly when jealousy and being selfish are the main reasons. Find out how to believe your friends, then learn how to believe in your lover, simply calm down and don’t even think about taking them in control, as an alternative, just think about why you love them so much?  why you are so close with them in the first place. But, if you look at this situation from the opposite side, and somebody tries to make you lose, then it could be the sign that tells you to go on without them!


When you are too occupied in life, and you have a lot of work to do, a lot of everyday obligations, you may even forget to take care of yourself properly. Life sometimes, in fact, can be so busy that you even avoid your needs and stop following your dreams. If you get stuck in the same place for too long, then it could be time to break free and try to enjoy your life once more. Traveling, getting yourself to a romance and the most important thing is going to bed early. You are the only person who can make dreams come true!


We feel like we aren’t able to move from apathy. Or, when we feel the entire world is against us, everything goes wrong, we are only failing, and we feel pain in our feet. In order to treat this pain, just look to the world around you, see the beauty of it every day. In advance of each experience, use all 5 senses you got. Make sure laughing more, and you can even make it your point, though you look a lot better with a smile on!

De-Stress to Heal

When you have a headache, don’t take any tablets, simply calm down and take a few minutes on your own, avoid stress and fatigue. The pain that you feel is a clear signal that your emotional state is not clean! By taking medicine for that type of pain, you will kill the messenger that tells you what the real problem is. Take notice to what your body tells you, it wants the best for you!


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