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10 Great Exercises To Tight Your Loose Arms and Shed Fat

Oh, summer! Everybody looks forward to it all year round – it’s when we lastly put away all long-sleeved clothes and show our toned arms. If we are lucky enough to have toned arms in the first place, of course. What will happen if we don’t? Well, we’re stuck justifying for our strange warm clothes in 80-degree hot weather, because we’re afraid people will see our fat arms.

But it may not be a concern– there’s yet to come, until the weather gets very hot, and can still get away those “bingo wings,” as folks call them, before literal big day. Here are 10 easy arm physical activities that can help to tighten up the arms.

1. Push-up

The push-up exercise is for workout fanatics, for a good reason certainly. It does not only improve your position but it also helps with your chest and abs. It also tones your arms greatly. Do the easier way of this exercise by putting your knees rest on the ground – while the movement of the arms is what matters for your particular needs here.

2. Push-up and side board

This slightly easier restful position of the push-up, endorsed by Jeanette Jenkins on the Huffington Post, is perfect for your arms, because it lets you focus on them more than your abs or chest. Between every push-up – or each set of push-ups – go around[rotate] your body outside, while holding yourself up on one arm and reaching upward with the other. Then go back to your starting position again.

3. Triceps immerse

This exercise is best to do outside, in between running orgies for instance. Using your arms as your sole protection, get yourself low downward with your legs unfolded in front of you, then pull yourself back up – without your legs moving.

4. Bent over row

For more special gym people, this barbell exercise includes pulling weights upward from a curled position, like in the picture shown above. Your back must be straight, as a bended back can be very harmful for your spinal column during these exercises.

5. Triceps addition

Best Health endorses this one: Hold a weight behind you, pull it up by extending your arms above your head. You can also hold one end of the weight or the middle one.

6. Triceps rebound

With a twisted back, begin by holding weights close to your chest with your arms twisted, then stretch them backward in a swift, controlled motion.

7. Upside-down “namaste”

A slightly more different type of stretch, this one involves trying to put your hands together behind your head. If you can, it’s best to have your palms totally touched. Try to bring your joined hands farther downward back of your head – without hurting yourself!

8. Arm rotation

As one the easiest of all exercises – just expand your arms at your sides and rotate them in small circles. It’s also a great exercise for your back.

9. Scissors

Start by expanding your arms, then bring them along together, with one arm going over the other, then the other way around. You can also use weights for this exercise, or do it empty-handed, count on how strong your arms are already.

10. Cobra position

Yoga positions generally are perfect to strengthen your muscles and having a leaner body. The cobra position is one of the best for the upper arms, as it includes holding most of your body up with them. Be sure to stretch before doing this position and breathe all the time.

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